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February, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

YUM: Twister Fries

The zexy people over at Johnny Rockets love to renovate and try new things from time and to time.

This baby is a winner and I see you Johnny lovers blazing the usual ” oh and extra cheese, extra sauce, extra cow, extra lama, bring the whole kitchen with you, extra drama” orders, HAH!

zip it and grab on to whats hawt !

*double snap* This lady came by with her friends and for some reason her voice tone goes VOLUME high when she passes by male species, ahhh, anyway she settled next to us and this is what she said:
” bas etha gaal lee waznich zayed shagool lah ? ” while sipping strawberry shake and shoving a double rocket into her throat. Girlfriend, for real ?

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February, 2010
accessories 12:04 AM

Hello Horsey! (Updated)

Wonder where this baby’s going. Better be someone/somewhere KaFiKH.

*Update: 3 readers reported that this baby belongs to P.F.Chang’s restaurant.

Thank you ya zarqa’a, khathra’a oo 7amraa’a il yamaaam (3ainee 3alaikom barda) HAH!

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Extreme Sports
February, 2010

NEW SPOT: Ms.Dantel Boutique

Ms. Dantel Boutique Now Open in Qurain City Markets

Unique Collection for day casual chic and evening wear, shoes and accessories.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2010
Music 12:02 AM

Enjoy The Weekend: Change Clothes

YouTube Preview Image

Since we’r talking about my baby Mama, Naomi, I thought of sharing this jam with you, a favorite of mine.

Baby girl makes an appearance on the first, middle and last part of the video, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, burn the runway, burn it burn it burn it !!

Those eyes, that skin, legs for days, *worship worship worship* a7ibich !!!

Mum, take notes, HAH!

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February, 2010
Entertainment 12:01 AM

NEW: Movies

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February, 2010
web 12:01 AM

Quickie on Avenues BLOG

We did a quick Q&A on the avenues blog.

The questions are fun, seem simple but are deep.

Thank you guys for choosing me, since Frankom has already been interviewed, I wish next time you’d go for 4thringroad, blushberry, ansam, buzberry, ilsul6ana and Mark.

Check it out HERE

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February, 2010
Personal 9:53 PM

Naomi, Marry Me.

Why not ? I mean whats the big deal ? baby, me love you long time, screw social barriers, take me !

Look, we can go to Jamaica, sing in the rain, i’ll work out like never before, i’ll be your photographer, you be my baby mama and I’ll make you happy, I swear I will, AHHHHH !!

*Hysteriacal scream* a77777ibbbbbbbbbiccccccccccch !!!!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together