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February, 2010
Friends 12:00 AM

Have yall seen this ?

My gang/teachers over at 4thringroad keep on bringing it hard for yall, look at this amazingly put together piece of ART celebrating Kuwait Independance day.

I LOVE IT ! It looks utterly amazing.

Well done, Design Box, great job !

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February, 2010
People 12:05 AM

Meet Abdullah AlBannai (Updated)

Well where can I start ?

Look, its very simple, this is a guy with a dream. Most of the people who know him are familiar with his insane energy.

Mr.Abdullah, wants to show his love for the country by walking/jogging/running all the way from Nuwaisib 295 till Abdiliy, one shot, on foot. Celebrating Kuwait’s National Day.

He will start his program from 8 AM on the 25th of Feb.

Although I do not understand/comprehend/digest the idea, all I can do, dear friend, is wish you nothing but the best.

Please note he is inspired by the amazing couple Dr.John Grinder & his amazing wife Carmen Bostic, check their website over here.

Abdullah explained that it is a matter of mental power combined with physical activity for sure to me regarding the mind mapping technique known as “The multi-position theory”.

p.s: Abdullah, I think your brain is amazing, you tend to play mind games with the masses, but I can see right through you, your smart and unique !

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Extreme Sports
February, 2010
AD 12:04 AM

Excellent Exposure: Behbehani

I love love love creativity. This AD looked absolutely amazing and I can do nothing but applaud the guys who did this project.


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2010
Sports 12:03 AM

Oven HAWT – Soccer: Ladies Edition


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February, 2010
Food 12:02 AM

Noodles: My Soul Food

I drown myself in this easy on the throat piece of loveliness whenever im overworked or in need of a quick fix.

AAAHHH Dinosaurs love noodles, love love noodles !

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February, 2010
Event 12:01 AM

Zain Sponsors P2BK

A big thank you to the wonderful team over at ZAIN for being the main sponsors to one of Kuwait’s biggest events of the Year that will take place in mid March.

You rock !

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February, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

Dino is xtatic/Happy/xcited/content

I got what I wanted, wont say what it is, but this sure explains how I feel, OHHHHHHHHHH !!!

p.s: How does it feel now ? Hurts doesn’t it ? Well, you aint gettin none. HAH!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together