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February, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

OVEN HAWT: November Company

Pink, Fushia, and black madness is what the folks at the November company have for you this V’day’s season, read on lovelies:

“This year we are offering easy options for you on this “yes yes” commercial cliche holiday… but you know what, you guys celebrate it so we thought we’d help you out and celebrate the November way.. No reds!! Pinks and fushias and black..choose from the lovely selection of sugar biscuits, lovely cake truffles, cupcakes and of course our gorgeous two special cakes..

One is for All your single friends and people you love , that might be feeling left out this valentines day…

And the other is an adorable two layer cake that you can give to your special someone…

We really do hope that you share your love every day and not just on this particular day…”

Contact ?

Well lazies, click on the pics to read the description and get their contact numbers. Besides, the artwork is amazing so let your eyes/senses swim in it, *snap*

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February, 2010
Friends 12:04 AM

The Nut Tree: Niqsat Mi7sin

the nut tree

This is the first time I grab some of this goodness, actually, my friend, Mi7sin, dropped it by my office and it was SUPERB.

I thought it was white choco, I refused to eat it, he then convinced me to grab some cuz this is called “Honeycomb Bites Yogurt”, I had one, then another, then another, what you see up there is whats left of it. DAMN, that was so so so so GOOD.

Thanx mis7in for this AWESOME niqsa from The Nut Tree (Baitak Tower) la khala *cough* wala 3adam :P

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Extreme Sports
February, 2010
web 12:03 AM

Miss Farah’s Classroom

Lil Angel ;*

We have featured Miss Farah here previously, and we think she’s doing a great job for her students.

Check this post about her cute lil angel who eats healthy @ school.

Miss Farah, bless you !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2010
Music 12:02 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Miss Braxton where have you been ? finally a damn hot track, FAAYAAH !!

YouTube Preview Image

Pitbull and Janet ? (Just a demo – not her real voice) who knew, anyway the track is crazy crazy, I played it in the morning and had 3 semi-accidents. LOVE IT !

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February, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Say what ?

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February, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

p0ach’s 1st Year. An Open Letter

Supposedly this is the day where I say Goodbye. I had a plan to go with this blog for one year and then close it down. Can you believe it ? Its been a year already.

I cant do that now. I cant close it down. I fell in love with your energy, readers, bloggers and family members. I am here to stay & try to make a change for the good.

That being said, after careful consideration with close friends and family members, I’v made an open, short informal message to my readers and sponsors:

When the past academic course started, iv seen many ads on newspapers asking us to help needy families inside kuwait aiding their kids with necessary stuff for school like bags, pens and papers. That shocked me. I could not understand how my country has such citizens that are under the radar while countless millions are given to countries outside of Kuwait. I could not sleep that night, thinking of those kids, how they might feel towards their peers in school. I dont want to get into details but that led me to many conclusions and most importantly, solutions.

The aim of this blog is to give back to the community. My posts, interviews and highlights does that. I want to take it a step further this time by sharing the revenue I recieve from my very generous sponsors with different charities to give back to local (Kuwaiti) needy families inside Kuwait.

I feel its my calling, specially when I do something I love so much, blogging. If I could reach out to one kid, make’em smile, then I want nothing in this whole wide world, I guess I could die happily, cuz in the end of the day who am i ? just a salve, a sinner. Giving uplifts my spirit and leaves me grounded.

Giving back will be in many forms and different occasions according to seasons and events to give the right people the right material needed. Who knows, maybe after this small step, big organizations will participate in their own way and eliminate this phenomenon. Genres I’d like to cover include Medical, social and educational needs for all ages and maybe help the elderly who need special attention.

I do not mean/intend to offend, look down or sympathize as if  im not part of this agony. We are one and again im no-thing but a slave, Im just trying to spark some light in the dark. Maybe this will inspire you to do something to someone. Give and you shall receive, that’s what my parents taught me.

Prophet Mohammad Said it best in this Hadith “The closest people to God are the philanthropists* and the most pleasing deeds to His Lord are making others happy or solving their problems or paying their debts or feeding the hungry.”

Kids are the future, kids are love, innocense and forgiveness. They deserve nothing but the best.

Organizations I have been in contact with include:

- Loyac.

- Bait Abdullah.

and more to be confirmed soon.

This is where I have to Thank you readers and bloggers for making this space popular and highly demanded. I could not thank you enough for sharing my stories with your work mates, your family, letting me in your rooms, offices, home and yes strange but in some cases your bathroom, why ? Nasty ! HAH!

Sincerely yours,


*a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, esp. by the generous donationof money to good causes.

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