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February, 2010
interview 12:18 AM

Khaleejesque chose p0ach

The 1,000,000+ readers blog, Khaleejesque, chose p0ach as one of Kuwait’s most inspiring people in their “25-26 Kuwait liberation” special edition.

We Sat down (tarab3ana) with the kind people over there and made a nice lil interview with them.

Could not be any happier. Honored and thrilled actually.

Read it here.

Thank you Fouz Al-Sabah for the interview.
Thank you Faisal Al-Essa for the photo-shoot session taken of me, your “chalet” made studio, wardrobe and styling. Lord knows I suck in these departments. HAH!

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24 comments on “Khaleejesque chose p0ach

  1. Abdulwahab Alhajji on said:

    wooooohoooooooooooo ssoooooooooo happy for you P0ach! well done , you earned it man , gosh this is so awesome i can’t describe my happiness!

  2. we we we on said:

    Do you refer to yourself as “we” :S i hope not coz it’s lame.

    “We Sat down (tarab3ana) with the kind people”

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hello there Miss UK, thank you for dropping by ;D

      Readers refer to me with many names over here, so I decided to mix them all up in this short terminology “we”.

      It was supposed to be light and witty. Im sorry you dont see the humor in it ;D

  3. Great interview abdullah, you deserve it:D

  4. GoofyGirl on said:

    is that u? the picture? cuz if it is, now i finally know what u look like… ;p

  5. Noura on said:

    p0ch the celebrity! you go boy! ;p

  6. filily on said:

    we…ehem yes “we” enjoyed the interview and the visual that cam along with it! HAha ill leave the snapping to you ;)

  7. Dalal A A F. on said:

    First… I look nothing like you! I am far prettier :)
    Second… you are cute! and the nose isn’t extreme as I imagined :)
    Third… Great interview! Love it! love your spirit :*

    • Abdullah on said:

      LOOOOOL la7tha la7tha, why would my nose be extreme ? whats wrong with it in the first place ? :P

      OO ba3dain la7tha, *ahem* i need to see you first to compare who’s prettier, LOOOOL

      Honestly though, thank you very much, your too kind ;D

      • Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

        I think on one of your posts you mentioned your nose as being big… so I pictured it as 6angoor ;p you have a cute nose. :) I don’t blame girls emailing you and asking to marry them ;)
        On several occaisions… people who met you and met with me said we look a like… but no I am prettier ;) Inshallah we will meet soon :)

  8. mabrouk..wish u the best always :)

  9. Um Abdulrahman on said:

    Keep up the good work.

  10. giggles on said:

    great interview, you deserve it testahil kil 5air :)

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