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February, 2010
Book 12:01 AM

4th Copy: A New Earth

Everytime I see a newer fresher edition of this book, I hand out the one I have to someone and buy another. This is my 4th if not 5th copy.

If you have not read it, trust that your missing out, big time.

I keep saying this over and over again: This is the book that made all the changes in my life for the better. This is the book that made me do the “Shift”.

Kapeesh ?

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5 comments on “4th Copy: A New Earth

  1. Um Abdulrahman on said:

    I m reading this book too.Review: simply amazing.
    Recently i had a month long vacation and did a lot of reading. My favourite author is Paolo Coelho(Flowing like a river, Fifth mountain, Alchemist, Pilgrimage,..)
    (there are some novel and short stories for download in free texts)
    Pilgrimage is a book about his personal journey to Compostella in Spain (comparable to hajj to mekka for moslims)

  2. what was the shift?

  3. what was the shift

  4. iAmSashaFierce on said:

    allah ilbook shakla kaafekh

    lazem i get my hands on all of the editions well since i havent read any of them

    3ad i truly need to change my attitude toward life..i need a “shift”

    bs i still believe that u had the “shift” in ur heart u just needed that book to bring it out of the closet…mashalla ur a optimist at heart and no book will do that no matter how good it was *knock on wood*

    keep up the postive vibe its definitely effecting me in many different ways u dnt know how big and important they are…..i smile more often while studying now and during tests and before lectures…allah ytamem 3alai enshalla

    thanx a million 7beeb albeeeee–>madree shfenee 3ala il libanee hl ayam

  5. Miss Farah on said:

    I read this book a few times myself. It’s in Oprah’s book club and she did many shows on that book.
    It really changed the way I think.
    You have got to get this book!!

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