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January, 2010
web 12:02 AM


I was told about this competition by my friends over at 360dewancom.

Im not telling you to vote for me, but umm, its really nice to be mentioned you know *looks down with hands behind back*

The name ? p with a ZERO then a then c then H LOL !

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34 comments on “VOTE: BEST BLOGS IN KUWAIT

  1. Testahel yal 3obed ;)

  2. i vote for you man!

  3. GLTA Team on said:

    yours all the way!!!!

    We don’t need a competition to figure that out Mr. P0ach :)

  4. Essa AE on said:

    yah yah ma6alabt shay! tistahel :)

  5. IAmSashaFreak on said:


    e7na min 3indina aham minik

    o seriously u do deserve to be certified as the best blogger in k-town

    • Abdullah on said:

      see that ? that kind of comment leaves me speechless so, please excuse my illiterate brain from expressing things well.

      Your too kind, thank you !

  6. IAmSashaFreak on said:


    i VOTED!!!

    it feels so good to know that my opinion matters and makes a difference!

    i’ll c if i can vote more than once..if yes than be sure that i’ll vote again and again until i dpze off which wont happen any time soon since i had my coffee shot of the day an hr ago:D

  7. Abdulmohsen on said:

    Sorry Abdullah… I’m dyslexic :p

    • Abdullah on said:

      Mi7sin, the way you got down on the floor, explaining those parquet malfunctions proves otherwise, that being said, tara 6aal intitharik oo il judge lama al7een ga3ed yan6ir our marriage papers, your late ! :P

      • Abdulmohsen on said:

        Good things happen for those who wait… and u didn’t sign the prenup papers!

        • Abdullah on said:

          *sings* imma sit on your lap and we can just talk, imma sit on your lap and we can just talk.


          papers are signed, sealed and supposedly delivered by now.

          HAHAHAH !! your the best !

  8. ofcourse i voted for u!! :)

  9. Ruby_GLooom on said:

    How cute! .. matshoof reyayeel majlis el omma shesawoon to gather votes! :P

    I Voted u be4 seeing this post.

  10. bO6ILY on said:

    how much? im selling my vote :P jk

  11. Definitely voting for you! :)

  12. Yeyyyy…Thank you!!!! can’t wait :D

  13. ooopss…i meant this smiley face :) …. the previous one looks scary hehe

  14. Without a doubt! Man you deserve the vote!!
    Sawfa nahtef b kul sawa3edna yal 3obid!!
    Yasqu6 3ami HAYH HAYH ..
    Tasqu6 Murta HAYH HAYH !!
    Yasqu6 listi3maar!!

  15. Fa6oum on said:

    voted for you duhhhh! :hope

    good luck :)b

  16. Hellacious on said:

    P0ach, P0ach, P0ach.. King of blogging world! Will vote for you man!! :alay

  17. D.ALBASSAM on said:

    p0ach, p0ach & p0ach all the way :rate

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