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January, 2010
Personal 12:04 AM

Happy Birthday Baby ;*

My niece, my heart, the innocense of the world, just completed her first year.

Wish I can be your father, being your uncle doesnt hurt too, I LOVE YOU ;*

“You wont understand this baby girl, but you will when you grow up. When I look in your eyes, I know there is a GOD, there is love, there is beauty and forgiveness”

p.s: She is the inspiration behind my FEBRUARY project, coming very soon.

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21 comments on “Happy Birthday Baby ;*

  1. she’s lovely .. alla y5aliha likom
    kel 3am oo hee b5eer
    fee mjal n3aref what’s your FEBRUARY project ??

  2. laha 6oolt el3umer enshallah o rabi ya7feth-ha o enshallah tefr7oon feeha

  3. How adorable!
    happy birthday to her! :D

  4. allah yi7afitha likom,

    adorable mashallah, don’t they just brighten up your life no matter how down ur day may be.

  5. maku a7la mn ilbnaat ish7loha :*

    o happy birthday to her

  6. shwaish on said:

    awwwwwwwwwww allah iy5aleeha likum inshala she looks so cuteee

  7. D.ALBASSAM on said:

    Waay shnu hatha;* salim galba kochena wanna;*

    tara i saved the pic mali sheghil :p

    wil khdood yuma;* maal 3ath;*

    allah ya7fth’ha ou ykhaleha likum enshallah :)

  8. Nouf T on said:


  9. Aww.. she’s sooooooo cute mashallah!!
    u should have mashallah somewhere in ur post btw.. ;p
    and happy b-day to her :)

    and what’s the feb. project thing?!
    Don’t tell me its another ‘secret’?

  10. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Na63aaaaaaaaaa ,,, 5ala9 abdulla 5a6abnaha :P

  11. happy birthday for her…she’s so sweet and cute :**

  12. Fa6oum on said:

    awww shes adorable mashala <3
    happy birthday to her!

  13. GoofyGirl on said:

    ya7alat’ha ;* il 3omor kila inshallah

  14. lemon-aid on said:

    ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQA please please please *3ith hal 5doood for me* itshawig mashallah! oo pinch them! allah y5aleeha likom inshallah;p looking forward to the feb. thing ili ib bali?

  15. lemon-aid on said:

    ooh ya ba5at’ha weya omi;p 7ata omi today:P

  16. Ruby_GLoooM on said:

    mashallah tabaarak elra7maaaan, I see the birthday cake next to minnie mouse doll. allah ebalighkm feeha inshallah o etshofoonha 3aroos.

  17. Abdullah on said:

    Thank you guys, thats so sweet, her MUM loved the comments ;D

  18. Dalal A A F. on said:

    Al3omer kella inshallah… she is soo cute! mal 3ath ;)
    How about a playdate with Ahmed?

  19. Dalal A A F. on said:

    Oh yes! Abduallah is it on the 24th? Ahmed is on the 24th of Jan. ;)
    If it is, then it is a sealed deal! ;)

  20. NANA YOYO on said:

    halaaaa wala bil khal mashkooreen 7abaybee 3ala el comments :) bas 3abdala tara ehya on 22 nd of jan :)

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