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January, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Sharky Wa George Kuwaiti Style

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Lets play a game, dare ?

The video is divided into two parts. The actual video and the making of.

For those who watched it fully, just type ” I won over you p0ach” yes ?


Thank you Mishary

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22 comments on “Class: Sharky Wa George Kuwaiti Style

  1. Looooool!!
    allaaaah sharki wa george!! =D

  2. I won over you p0ach !
    one of longest 3 minuets in my life though .. really really silly !

  3. i won over u poach ?

    i couldn’t stop laughing!! both of these dudes look familiar!

  4. I won over you p0ach

    looooool n i just woke up n i want to go to work that’s nice ‘=P

  5. shwaish on said:

    hehehehe im sorry but that was cute LOL and i won over u p0ach :p i want what theyre on

  6. I won over you p0ach!

  7. shoeshi on said:

    I won over you p0ach :D

  8. bo kabbos mishtaaaa6 o althani khef 6iiiinnnnaaaa
    I won over you p0ach !
    why ?

  9. I won over you p0ach!
    shoof from my experiance with ur blog, i figured that class means u dont like wat ur posting ;p ! so i object !!! they’re funny ! walla they are! the making of mu 6abeee3i gshait the7ek ! (a) 7awel tshoofa bnathra basee6a ;p

  10. filily on said:

    cuute :siul:

  11. Shushu on said:

    This dare is hard :P
    bas I won over you..
    however, I have to admit that I was concentrating on the ocean more ;p
    they are … mala8a! :S

  12. i won over you p0ach :p !

    7adhum fathyeeeeeen :siul

  13. Q80BOY on said:

    i won over you :P

    lol the question now is which one is Sharky and which one is George?? :P

  14. pink msg on said:

    I won over you p0ach! I won over you p0ach!
    coz i watch it twice hehe

  15. pink msg on said:

    q80BOY by reply is weee3 hehe

  16. Om SaloOoM on said:

    i won over you poach :)
    bs sej nas fa’6ia w 7aa mako sho’3l !

  17. il fajr on said:

    I WON OVER YOU P0ACH !! 7araam 7ada effooort tara;pPpP

  18. Misakeen, damhom thigeel ou their video is tibin :)

  19. Nouf T on said:

    ’3ASHYT MN EL ’67IK

  20. i won over you poach.

  21. I love these guys walla they’re funny i watched a lot of their videos ;D damhom kelesh mo thgeel a9lan ywansoon ;/

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