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January, 2010
People 12:02 AM

Beauties Of The World: Pamela Anderson

Country: Canada.

Born: 1967

Occupation: Model and TV Shows actress.

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16 comments on “Beauties Of The World: Pamela Anderson

  1. beauties of the world ?!pamela!! OH GOD !

  2. Frankom on said:

    Ma legait 9ora a7la ;/ !! 3ad ana an6er hal topic from time to time.. la tza3el Pingy PLEASE


  3. shwaish on said:

    really? ok :s

  4. she’s not pretty !!!!

  5. G-Funk on said:

    Yoba khal ahalik ezaowjoonik lay9eer feek shay :-p

  6. D.ALBASSAM on said:

    She’s not beautiful :s ! She’s FAKE!

  7. Vainglorious on said:

    I’ve been a silent reader for your amazing blog but now I have to speak up… Pamela Anderson?! Are you serious?!!

    just like D.ALBASSAM said SHE’S FAKE! waay to fake to even be considered a real human being!

  8. Shushu on said:

    :nerd :nosara

  9. I’d say, pancho and lefty are the beauties of the plastic world! ;)

  10. name is bond on said:

    if huge is pretty! pamela wins hands down…
    she is all transplanted…

  11. Bo9ale7 on said:

    3beed allah elawee3 chabdek :P

  12. il fajr on said:

    HAHAHAHA, min meta chethe thouqik? Law gayel janet wela beyounce chan i would accept it;p

  13. She is the defention of a Bimbo. An airhead basically.

  14. fahad almodhaf on said:

    Fake fake fake fake

    she’s porn star!!

  15. Korey Chaven on said:

    I think Pamela Anderson is really beautiful and seems to be a really great Mom. I really don’t think her new show is good though

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