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December, 2009
Kuwait, News 10:45 AM

Queen Honors Mohammad AlShaya

More joy to Kuwait and Kuwaitis through its role models, Im so proud of his accomplishments, this last one is just heartwarming, more power to you, oh starbucks man, Frapps make me happy, HAH! Read on lazies:

“British Ambassador of Kuwait Michael Aron recently presented Mohammed Abdulaziz Alshaya with an honorary CBE in recognition of his outstanding services in developing the British-Arabic business relation.
Presenting the award on behalf of her Majesty the Queen, the Ambassador said that her majesty had appointed Alshaya to be an honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of these services.

On his part, Alshaya expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Queen Elizabeth for granting him the honorary CBE, saying that “this reflects the depth of relations that the two countries enjoy at the political, economic and cultural levels, among others”. Mohammad Alshaya dedicated the honorary CBE to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and to his father, Abdulaziz, and the Alshaya family, without whom he would not have been able to make this achievement.

More power and success to those who are making a difference in the country, Hats off !


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17 comments on “Queen Honors Mohammad AlShaya

  1. Does that mean he got the ‘Sir’ ?

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  3. Bu Yousef on said:

    Well deserved :)

  4. Walla il rayal yestahil ow wilne3em fee ohwa ow ahala :)

  5. Kafo wala yestahal!
    thnx 4 the post

  6. So tell me what exactly is his accomplishment to society and the greater good of humanity?

    other performing exploitative capitalism at its best.

    If you want a role model i suggest you google Abdulrahman Al-Sumait and read about his sacrifice and triumph.

    P.S. On the business side, I rank him on the top of the list in the way he does business among the business men in the Arab world… I think he is the best… Dont follow his foot steps, but learn from him to find you own steps.

    o Ahala as one said… wil ni3im o steen ni3im feehom ! Great people.

    • Abdullah on said:

      Abdulrahman Al-Sumait is on my “People Worth Knowing” list. I wish you would have looked through the website before you replied.

      That being said, research your way through this man’s history and help yourself.

    • 1001Nights on said:

      Don’t you think there’s room to honor two Kuwaitis? It’s not “either” AlShaye3 or Alsumai6, inshalla we get them both honored publicly and in both cases, we, as Kuwaitis, are represented and out there. Plus bear in mind that business people, by pursuing their own economic interests, could contribute to bringing countries closer together diplomatically.

      As for Al-Sumait, I was watching CNN Heroes and I kept thinking that we need to push for him to be up there on the list next year wuhwa yestahal! It’s a voting thing and if we can get Kuwaitis on board with this and find a way to make it happen it would be so good for Kuwait to show that we don’t just have oil we have amazing an amazing humanitarian like AlSumait.,

  7. CORRECTION TO MY LAST POST SECOND LINE: other “THAN” performing exploitative capitalism at its best.

  8. Yayy :D yestahaaal

  9. I wish I receive that CBE too… for my work in the field of science and engineering. Not for owning most of the shops in malls and raising the prices up and charging us three times the price of starbucks coffee ;p

    no i’m not 7asod. its just sad to see in the uk and us companies are bullied by governments to stop e7tikar and those same governments are promoting it in our country :)

  10. Salbader on said:

    Hats raised for this Man…
    Great entrepreneur !

  11. Chicken Soup for the Kuwaiti Soul on said:

    Aww 3ammi 3abdulla is the guy in the bisht on the right :*** Hahaha I love him. Congrats to M7amed Al-Shaye3 :) Well deserved.

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