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December, 2009
Kuwait 9:31 AM

Enjoy The Weather

Today’s weather is dedicated to all you readers. See, I swore im not getting into my blog, or post a thing, but I had to, Its too good.

Anyway, Hope this ruins some outdoor new year party plans, HAH ! Oh and do spend some time with your parents and family before you get your freak on, lets not forget, BEHAVE “you know when to do that, then again, when to loose it”

Seriously, have fun, be safe and set your new years resolutions straight this time, yes ?

Anyway, do enjoy this video, a 2009 sum up, pretty nice:

YouTube Preview Image
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December, 2009
Friends 8:18 AM

4th Ring Road’s Countdown

Do not miss checking my friends/gang/backbone’s website as in RIGHT NOW, they have a countdown matching the NEW YEAR’s time slot.

See this line ? ” An Evolution .. Not A revolution ” see that ? thats HAWT, cant wait !

Boys, Loads of luck, success and power to move forward.

p.s: Mi7sin, Souliman and Abdullah, your new mess better be good or im not doing my Zulu dance, yes ?

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Extreme Sports
December, 2009
Music 7:24 AM

Haifa Does “I Will Survive”

YouTube Preview Image

“KAAN lazim a3araf inta meen, kaan lazim ahrab min zamaan, Kaan lazim a3araf min il bidaya inak ghaddar wi maliksh amaan, Rooo7 Yalla Roo7 !!”

Girlfriend whats the deal ? OHHHH imma have to ***SNAP** BIG TIME !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
December, 2009
Personal 12:00 AM

p0ach is a Birthday Boy

Its my birthday, im 18 again tonight, 29th December (I’ll put that on my birthday wish list).

I dont usually celebrate my birthday but I guess my friends have something prepared for me, I’ll act as if I know nothing.

Seriously though, its been a wonderful year, made new friends (you included), got a salary raise, still a monogamist (HAH!), went through lots of new experiences, been around the world & learned a big lesson, forgiveness heals all.

Saddam is no better than I am, so im having a three-day birthday celebration too, one with my family, one with friends and one with my underground freaks who are kept there, *whistle* in the underground.

I will have to highlight the lesson I learned one more time:
” Forgiveness Heals All ” it healed me, hope it does the same to you too.

Happy Holidays To You All

“Let There Be Light”

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December, 2009
Kuwait, News 10:45 AM

Queen Honors Mohammad AlShaya

More joy to Kuwait and Kuwaitis through its role models, Im so proud of his accomplishments, this last one is just heartwarming, more power to you, oh starbucks man, Frapps make me happy, HAH! Read on lazies:

“British Ambassador of Kuwait Michael Aron recently presented Mohammed Abdulaziz Alshaya with an honorary CBE in recognition of his outstanding services in developing the British-Arabic business relation.
Presenting the award on behalf of her Majesty the Queen, the Ambassador said that her majesty had appointed Alshaya to be an honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of these services.

On his part, Alshaya expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Queen Elizabeth for granting him the honorary CBE, saying that “this reflects the depth of relations that the two countries enjoy at the political, economic and cultural levels, among others”. Mohammad Alshaya dedicated the honorary CBE to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and to his father, Abdulaziz, and the Alshaya family, without whom he would not have been able to make this achievement.

More power and success to those who are making a difference in the country, Hats off !


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December, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM


Hot out of the oven, I bring you Viva’s newest product, the Android Phone.

I got the full PDF below and a nice quick article, here goes:

VIVA Introduces First-Ever Samsung’s Galaxy SPICA supported by Android

Kuwaiti telecommunications giant VIVA today announced the release of the Google equipped Smartphone. Powered by Android the Samsung Galaxy SPICA handset, gives direct access to in-demand Google applications such as: Gmail, Google search, and Google Maps as well as the popular YouTube application.

This new phone is sure to please VIVA’s wide variety of customers ranging from business executives to young adults looking for a hip, trendy phone that is equipped with the latest in cellular phone technology.

“VIVA is extremely delighted to become the first and only operator to provide the Samsung Galaxy SPICA Google Android device,” said Najeeb Al-Awadi, the Chief Executive Officer of VIVA.

The Samsung Galaxy SPICA handset follows a simple to use, fun to operate format offering a modern Internet experience through the Android operating system. The phone also provides easy access with a large full touch screen that is preloaded and completely customizable by VIVA, fulfilling all types of Internet access needs. This revolutionary new product means having reliable, high speed internet access wherever and whenever customers choose.

The VIVA Smartphone package is available in two monthly data plans: 100 MB and 500 MB. These packages will fulfill all mobile internet users’ needs and it can be found in VIVA branches, also in X-Cite and Hala Telecom.

Check out this PDF that has all info you guys need.

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December, 2009
fashion 12:04 AM

Finally Free City Arrives

My friend, A.B.E, ordered from Free City’s official website using my Aramex account.

Ofcourse the goods are to die for, I thought of sharing with you how the trainings & jackets were wrapped, I called it the SAMBOSA wrap, CUUUTE !!

Aramex, baby ? whats the deal ? you know I love you so im not getting into details, yes ? *snap* What should I do ? what should I do ? imma play ” Up Out My Face -Reprise” intro by Mariam Karam also known as Mariah Carey from her latest record “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” – just to take my mind off of things // *snap* again.

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