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November, 2009
Entertainment 12:15 AM

Kuwaiti Movie Trailer: The Fisherman

The boys of arabia that represent heat, sand and drama have a piece of production they want to share with you.

Watch it and give them your honest feedback, they need it.

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Thank you HAMAD & TheK5

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12 comments on “Kuwaiti Movie Trailer: The Fisherman

  1. WOOOOOOW, REALLY AMAZING!!!! love the effects. these guys did a great job. I guess there is hope for kuwaiti films
    looking foreward 2 watch the film!!

  2. Luv it!

  3. Whats amazing about it? Yes, a insightful movie trailer and innovative, but what about the actors themselves? They all have a ‘Khaliji’ accent while using classic Arabic (maybe little training is needed). In addition, in the mid of trailer (esp. the fighting scene between the fisherman and the king’s troops)is a true copy of what happened in Gladiator and Troy. Is that what we want to imitate Western movies?

    Not to mention that the story is repeated many times (the fisherman is gone, stolen family, revenge – then what?)

  4. flowerpower on said:

    I agree with Sara 100%. It reminded me of 300 for some reason. This is also what i’ve noticed:

    1) All the actors seemed so DRY!

    2) Plot. Nothing special. Well ymkin in the movie there is, sure didn’t seem so in the trailer.

    3) Music. Uninspiring. bll bdaya isnt it mal il filim ‘il risala’ ?

    4) WHyyy aren’t there ANY women?!

    Ya3ni imbayin 5asraneen 3la il filim, i just wished they made it a more deep/creative movie.. oo the accent klish mo mashii..

    but at least your doing something and stuff, so good luck with it all..

  5. if the middle east had a film festival.. this movie would be the highlight!

  6. well, i dont think I’ve heard that story before!
    and about the battle scene, all battles are pretty much the same :D people fighting with each other.
    And its probably a no budget (kuwaiti) film. we should give them credit for just trying.

    try to be more positive :) we need to encourage people to do new things, instead of complaining about everything! ;)

  7. Very well done , i had goosebumps watching it ,,
    instead of putting them down shaj3oohum we need people like this nowadays ,,
    compare this to 6ariq il 3alis da3aya of his movie , would you now?
    this is much much much more interesting!
    well done guys ,, wallah ewafigkom inshalla ,, cant wait to see the rest of the movie :)

  8. MR. THOUQ on said:

    given that this movie isn’t a big-production-hollywood-studio film.. i’d say: bravo shabab :)

    great directorial effort mbarak.. and i like the effects too! clearly you’ve been influenced by movies like 300, gladiator, etc. but i’m sure that with time and some practice you’ll find your own vision! just keep doing what you doing! and i hope to see your work just like ridley scot or peter jackson.. so proud of what you acheived so far :)

  9. Actors weren’t serious enough, and too much CG were used, the good thing is it’s in traditional Arabic, although it wasn’t pronounced clear enough and loud enough same as Syrian historical series, our Arabic differs with the tone and emotions, it’s not just letters to read or say.
    The script looks so-so, but the idea of a fisher man becomes a warrior.. hmm..?

    Use an old man to narrate the story for a better demonstration.

    sorry, I don’t mean to be mean, but I just criticize you to become better.

    P.S. the background music have been used too much lately.. I wonder why..? try to create your own.

  10. Herolike! on said:

    It’s a good initiative, but since they asked for honest opinions, I wouldn’t go see this movie because it looks good, only to support a Kuwaiti effort.

    Grammatical errors in the trailer aside (“Father’s Journey” directly translates to “Father is a journey, for starters) the acting alone seems weak. I can’t relate, and it shows that they’re either extremely shy to be on film or just aren’t actors.

    The battle sequences seem pretty cool, though the aesthetics don’t blend enough to seem real-however I fully understand that isn’t a studio effort, thus the technological limitations.

    With that said, I agree with Sara’s critique.

  11. Wow! I’m impressed! and very proud that these guys seemed to put alot of time and effort into this movie!…I’m really loving how young people in Kuwait are pursuing their dreams–and that alone is something to applaud!
    A few constructive notes: spend more time choreographing the fight scene (add some blood and makeup-like dirty their clothes-to make it look more real)maybe zoom in and focus more on two people fighting a bit more, touch up the acting just a bit so it seems more natural and not scripted, and id throw a girl in the story-a love interest? a mother? a memory of a mother? something…
    Still, congratulations to what seems as a foundation to a promising movie career–cant wait to see it!

  12. Drama King on said:

    wayd 3ajeeeb , bs fe shai 9’3ayer 7ail ma5arej al 7roof yebayn ena kuwaiti, yabelhum shwayat tadreeb 3ala alo’3a al 3arabeyaa cause feha accent kuwaiti qawe o bs kel shay 3ajeeeb 7adda mashalla o good luck guys

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