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October, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mohammed Al-Awwad


Ever saw speed racer the colorful movie ? If you did, thats great, if you didnt, no worries, I brought that talent to you here on p0ach. Even better, A kuwaiti talent.

Saturday is here again. Blessings are everywhere. A Dear friend of mine Mohammed Al-Awwad, who is extremely shy, has short answers for some reason, me and him decided to do a very quick interview just to introduce you to the car racing organization he created with his friend Abdullah Al-Ghanim. He explained to me how important it is for them to do what they like to do, having fun doing it the right way and above all, represent KUWAIT the best way they know how.

Enjoy this quick breezy interview below.


Mohammed, introduce yourself.
Hello world, im Mohammed Matouq Al-Awwad, 27 years old, Kuwait University graduate, currently working in Kuwait’s central bank.

Alright, give me a glimpse of your childhood, some flashes.
Been in love with cars and car racing, just like any young boy. I was a football player in Kazma club when i was 10, stayed for 2 years then I resumed as field runner, laps and jumps. I joined ice skating team when I was 14. Talk about random, eh ? I also do play violin since high school, still practice from time to time.


So how did Mr.Ice skate, football, runner, get into this ? car racing, what inspired you to tap into that ?
Well, I was in love with car racing, and I really believe that people should do what they like to do, not the thing they should ! You’ll give in more energy into what you like from within. That being said, I have lots of friends who own sport cars, but we couldn’t enjoy driving those cars on local roads, so i decided and a friend of mine (Abdullah Al-Ghanim) to organize a race in a racing track. Thats when it all started. Just like anything else, things grow with time, we learn from mistakes, we learn how to improve until we reach what we think is the best we can give.


The organization is called, Midnight GT, can you give me a short glimpse about that organization ?
Sure, first let me introduce you to the organizers of this event. Mr.Abdullah Raed Al-Ghanim, Mr.Dhari Saqer Al-Mousherji and myself.
Basically, its a place where car owners and enthusiasts get to gather, communicate and share their love for cars in a safe and reasonable manner.

Abdullah Al-Ghanim

Abdullah Al-Ghanim

Thats all sweet and dandy, give me the nasty stuff, what where the challenges ?
Honestly, perfection is the word that inspires me. So you can only imagine how you can go through ups and downs to get good locations, settings, audience, sponsors, car checks, media coverage. Maybe all these elements went my way, but not exactly. Plus a thank you id due, i’d like to thank my family and friends who supported us to organize the event and to pass all the difficulties we went through. Your support means alot to us.

In 5 years mohammed, where do you see yourself ?
We hope to continue doing this event, push it, modify it, enhance it, improve it and make it one of the most well organized events in the region/world.

Check them out, in Feb 2010


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21 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Mohammed Al-Awwad

  1. Bu Yousef on said:

    A great step. I wish him (them) luck and success. No more excuses for races on highways!

  2. Khalid on said:

    gd luck guys and thanks p0ach :)

  3. khalifa_N on said:

    Great talent mashalaah oo a great guy i kno him .. allah y7afe’6hhom min ishaar inshalaa..

  4. He’s a hotty!!

  5. Shabana on said:

    Always pleased to read of local talents and “movers & shakers! You are awesome Abdullah…

  6. mashalla 3alaihom alla ya7fth-hom :) wanasa at least they’re using their spare time wisely :p a7san mn elshabab elbe6aliya

  7. latifa al-hajeri on said:

    short and sweet can be a great thing

  8. seriouselyx on said:

    great post, great talent, great interview.
    good luck.

  9. LOVE SUMMER!! on said:

    Allah ewafeq shabab deerty :) o ya7fe’9hom AMEEEN keep the good work :) bas ya reet e5aleeny a5eth laffa bsayartna on the track ;)

  10. Summer on said:

    Good luck!

  11. sorry bs Midnight Run organize illegal street racing in kuwait, thats what i dislike about them

    • if there organizing it in empty roads and streets then its kind of legal :p like elzour or airport area , not like those who do it on weekends on Wafra roads where they threaten ppl and families life then thats illegal.

  12. Good Luck we do need stuff like this in Kuwait.

  13. I would like to add, that the first organization that started this trend in Kuwait was “Gulfrun” back in 2004 (, when i heard about Midnight Run honestly i thought it was another typical Kuwaiti “Cut and Paste” idea. But i am actually proud that we have these orginizations and wish them all the best. Allah iwafigkom inshalla and keep up the good work!

    Inshalla ilq8 will have a race track to be proud of.

  14. Mashallah…
    Out of words.
    Allah iwafeghum, its better than guys racing in public roads..

  15. God bless him but 7ram he’s young and this is dangerous no matter how careful he is

  16. filily on said:

    Nice..Emwafigeen inshAllah.
    Organizations like that could help with another attempt at pushing for a racing track here! That should be on their agenda ;D

  17. short and sweet! o amazing idea mashalla! i think guys in kuwait need activities like this! wish u guys all the best:)

  18. Mohammed AlAwwad on said:

    Thanx all of you.. you are so kind :)

    Kilkom thooq :)

    oo Inshallah aw3edkom eb great events :)


  19. Yiannis Pastellas on said:

    Dear Mohammed i wish you all the best for your efforts and knowing your passion about cars i know the event for 2010 will be much more better than the previous one.

  20. Mohammed AlAwwad on said:

    Yiannis, Sure.. its gonna be the same event but with much more spices :)

    and its for you to Add something for the event.. do your best my 9ff Friend :)

    And thank you for the Wishes :)

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