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October, 2009
Travel 12:05 AM

Touch Down, Im back

Vacation is not over yet, still have one more week “shoot me if you can” HAH!

I wont make this long with a “HEY im back” line, but i’ll tell you this, i’ll give you a glimpse of these places in the upcoming days:

- Czech Republic (Prague – Karlovy Vary)

- Germany (Munich – Nurenmburg)

- Austria (Ze Lam See)

Heavenly. I loved this vacation so much, i even came back lighter !

p.s: Finally, blogging from my room with my own baby, my imac that is :P

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19 comments on “Touch Down, Im back

  1. Petra :-) on said:

    *coool* you had visited Munich? it is not my hometown but Munich area…I am looking forward for your upcoming posts ;-)

  2. Welcome Back ;);)
    taw ma asfarat ;)
    I hope the weather is awesome, i’m leaving tomorrow to London Munich and Paris!!

  3. 7emdilla 3alsalama :) Europe is simply beautiful this time a year

  4. ½ Cream Milk on said:

    7mdella 3la el salma … o na6reen ur posts 3n eldowal ele zert’haa !!

  5. seriouselyx on said:

    oww luckyyy i miss munich and za lam see <33
    wallah mn kithir ma aroo7 7efatht these 2 places bass i didnt go this summer holiday :( eff this sucks !
    but i hope you had fun :D ow show us some pix will ya ;]

  6. Fa6oum on said:

    luck youu <3!

    Have fun ;)

  7. welcome back ;p

  8. Yousef on said:

    A7laa mokaan zell am see

  9. Brownsuger on said:

    well well good to have you back

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