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September, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Hind Al-Nahedh


I met her long time ago in an event, we never knew eachother, yet she was helpful as a sister would be. I think I did not know how to configure my, then new, Nokia E61, so she grabbed it fixed it and gave it to me almost robotically. I knew she was special.

A while back I was in her office and literally, we were in the heavens of kuwait, I was semi 20 floors above the ground, with a breathtaking view on the sea side, Kuwait’s Scientific Centre, people were dots from where I was, cool breezy atmosphere with the sun splashing my face with all kinds of lovely vibrations. We talked, we went through many topics almost like a breeze, I guess its her semi angelic/practical/Kuwaiti halo that made a full hour pass by like 1 minute.

Being head of the PR department over at Viva, Abdullah’s latest AD, the new USB 21.6 Internet service and the rest of the magnificent things that surely Viva CAN do means one thing and one thing only, Hind is the “Woman of The Hour”, she is back on the hot seat, nothing new to her I assure you, but you know what ? as always, enough of me talking, let her give you a glimpse of who she is and the exclusive PR write up on the new USB device that you’ll get your impatient hands on.

Hind, preach it girl, introduce yourself.

Alright, my name is Hind Ahmad Al-Hahedh, im 28 years young, I have many interestes that include, Cooking- Traveling – Networking – Technology – Media- Art & fashion. I find that very relevant in my work, where it revolves around people and for people , communicating massages and dealing with the different types of media. Its what I do.


You know, I have to ask about your childhood, so a bit of flashes my dear ?

Back in School days when I used to bother myself with other stuff than listening to the teachers and got busted many times until college, always in a rish, im always doing something, I could not focus.

For some reason, I used to wear superman costumes (HAH!) but on a serious note ? Really good flashes are from my second home (Spain) all great memories , beach , fishing , gatherings , horse riding, just like kheran.

Alright, so how did this super girl, become the Power house we know today?

Hmmmm , Many things , back in 2001…. during my senior year in college the PA of the PR Class … mainly talks about the difference between PR in Kuwait and the states , there, in that event, we exchanged books, knowledge, conferences and then PR got into me. Later on, I Got Hired By future communications-Nokia after graduation and started in the PR department, learned from the best Mentor Dr.Mohamad alBoloushi and the GM Salah Alawadhi.

A while later, I joined another field , the show and cinema business for a year, It was a good experience … but really, what Got me to where I am today is the ongoing Passion for PR and communications in the Telecom Field , and ofcourse such passion makes you good in what you do – AlHemdella


What was the difficult part in your professional growth, what were the obstacles ? how did you over come them ?

None to mention honestly … but mainly the ongoing self improvement and challenges for a young Kuwaiti lady used to be odd. You stay late at work , meet different personalities, that needs certain treatment, adjusting to any new managerial decision, multitasking all day long. All of this led me to become stringer and tougher, its only natural I guess.

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?

Simple, being proactive, not reactive to any actions, utilize latest PR trends, new media and techniques, always creating a buzz, which we call in the communication term “WOMA” or word of mouth and that means, your massage is delivered, and went through the right channels.

Can you please highlight the major aspect of your latest AD, Abdullah ? Its obviously making a huge impression.

It sure is, well first of all, you mean the VIVA Hero campaign, where basically Abdalla represent a young challenging company that has a Goal, and has the energy to deliver the best and never let its fans or customers down. By the way, Abdalla is an amazing young talent that actually competed with many fellas to be in the scene.

Let me reveal something to you, the questions in the 3 episode ads are the trick…where it asks the audience to vote in order to see the next episode , at the end we invite all to participate online with their video materials to compete for VIVA’s official next talent. Not only that, the voting sms revenue will go for charity projects in the giving month of ramadhan.


I saw a PR write up on your desktop, I want a copy of it as it is to share with the readers (HAH!)

Alright, you can have your way, here is what it says:

Kuwait-Sept 3rd
In an effort to fulfill its promise to provide the latest in the mobile internet technology, VIVA telecom announces the launch of its high speed internet service.

On this occasion, Eng. Najeeb Al Awadi revealed that VIVA had just finished conducting essential network development to support the offered high-speed internet reaching 21.6 MBPS, which is the latest GSM technology available. This speed has been registered in 60 locations across Kuwait; other test users registered 14.4 MBPS in other locations.
Al-Awadi mentioned also that the successful launch of this service necessitates “fine-toning” the network to enable the users to enjoy a speed ranging from 14.4 to 21.6 MBPS By Sunday. It’s important to mention here that the speeds represent theoretical peak speeds. And that Actual experience may vary due to network configuration, hardware, software, local conditions and other factors.
“We are driven by our customers’ desire for the latest in communication technology” mentioned Eng. Al Awadi, he also noted that the only motive behind this success was the insistence of VIVA to grant our clients with unique and excellent services.
Al Awadi revealed that more surprises are to come and extraordinary services will be offered to all our clients to prove once again that VIVA is amongst the leaders in the communication industry.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

she answered with one line “Communications Director”

Throw something for p0ach readers !

I think they should read these beautiful book titles, they helped me alot. Blink & The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell.


Grab a look at a previous interview:

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you HIND and the whole “Pro-Active” Team over there at VIVA. More power to you.

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26 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Hind Al-Nahedh

  1. Kafo walla Hind
    minha la3la :)

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  3. Interesting! dude your the man (:

    o bi5ali9 ramadan wana ma shft laila 3ilwi :(

  4. good luck , Hind :)

  5. wonderful interview =]

  6. Beauty with brains,, impressive!

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  8. mashallaaaaa ana sheft elsora 3abale beauties of the world post

    ana a7eb 3aylathom i dont know what she relates to our in laws bas yarabby ele n3arefhom bas yeth7ekon laylahelallaa globhom baitha o ghabi elle may7ebhom
    who is the guy next to amthal alsabah?

  9. shes amazing mashalla!! bel tawfeeg hind!
    minha la3la p0ach ;***

    bas to reply to QWERTY who asked about the guy next to madame amthal, he is Mr. najeeb al awadhi- viva CEO.

    again loved the interview and the first picture was completey attractive!! i first thought it was a vogue front cover.

  10. She’s absolutely amazing !
    Wish her all the best !

  11. cooookies on said:

    great interview ! allah ewafigha =)

    P.S Her surname is spelled incorrectly up in the intro :P

    Nicely done poach =)

  12. All the best Hind :-)

  13. Mashalla 3aliha I feel she is full of energy and she is directing it the right way! Alla yewafig-ha inshalla :-D

  14. its always good to have local talent, good luck to her.

  15. iLSuL6ana on said:

    She’s sweet too, bss serious sweet loool

  16. TechnoBoy on said:

    ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??????
    ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?????

  17. Appreciate your Great Deeds all
    and please feel free for any comment or a chat , am Open to such crowd sourcing :)

    Twitter : Hindviva

  18. A 4 life on said:

    having a successful PR , young kuwaitis, is rare.. really rare.. hind is a great example, keep it up sis.. emwafeqa enshalah.

    3abadi, as usual, you know whom to interview!:)

  19. Turns out Viva’s CEO has a blog, alive in kicking!

    That changed a lot about the way I view VIVA. I used to see them as this Saudi company; always out of place and shape in Kuwait. I am wrong :D This is the first Kuwaiti CEO that I read a blog for.

    A very personal touch, and an excellent move.

    For one, I fell in love with the team and soon to fall in love with the company (kind of how I’m head-over-heels about Steve Jobs and his Apple). And that makes me very glad.

  20. Qwerty appreciate your great awareness in new media and mentality
    we communicate these >>
    * transparancy
    * engaging
    * fulfilling
    * enovative
    to support your intelegent comment above


  21. Dear Hind,

    I’m not surprised at all by hearing and watching you making succes day after another :) I really wish you the best of luck and more sucess for the years to come :)


  22. Great interview!
    and hind you pictures are amazing Mashallah ;)

    best of luck. to both of You :-)

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