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August, 2009
Kuwait, News 12:55 PM

Nisra’s ID Pic

You know, its nasty that the girl’s ID pic is circulating everything. From emails, msn, bbm and actual print outs.

You will not gain anything by making her picture circulate.

Let bygones be bygones. Yes what she committed is hideous. Its still not nice to circulate her pic & in no way SMART to do so.

Lets stick together, stay united in this time of crisis.

Again, may they all rest in peace & may fair judgement prevail.

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August, 2009
Food 12:05 AM

Sugar & Spice’s Giant Cupcake “Ohh Ohh Baby”


My friends are the devil. They are many but formed as one persona, the devil. HAH !

Seriously, Abdullah & Fahad are insane, they keep throwing things at us from food to batteries to joysticks (Oh need I say this ? I won AMS ib Mario Kart and blew your as$$es off ! HAH!) anyway, they are the sweetest creatures on earth.

They surprised us with one of my favorite sweets stop. Sugar and Spice. Miss Candy what can I say ? You did it again ! It must be there in your genes to please the crowds. You see, she was there in the store when they went there and saw her, said hi and all, she told them that this dish is prepared only in the weekends, OHH ladies and gentelmen, let me tell you that dish was IT for me !

Creamy, buttery, soft, light and just rich rich rich in taste. For some reason, I felt like a smurf eating it, YES, its that sweet and innocent.

Go grab that giant cupcake NOW, that is IF your lucky :P


Check out previous masterpieces here:
- Rocks Chanel !
- Merciless Carb Loader

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Extreme Sports
August, 2009
Kuwait, People 12:04 AM

Word Terminology: Chicken Nugget

Take this post lightly, cuz its silly as hell:

Prepare to be slapped in the face if you use it infront of me/to my face, its nasty, cheesy and so unwanted.

Oh and dont get me started on the other one, McChicken, ishtaboon !?!? ARAF !

conversation would go like this:

- ishloon iflana ?

– walla ya7lailha bas typeha chicken nugget oo english school.

I say ” JAD JAD CHUB ! with an afro-American *SNAP* “

AGAIN, for the blind/deaf/illiterate by choice, Please note that I say this with a big smirk on my face so dont take it seriously HAH!

Oh and speaking of afro american snaps, Sarah, sent us the video of the infamous Miss Jay, snapping at the end of his acceptance speech, i found it funny and whats up with the cat walk “FEEYACE !” watch it from 2 mins away:

YouTube Preview Image

(skip to 3 min, 15 secs where he says ” it makes all of you as fierce as me, BAAM snap” LOOOL this man is insane, thanks again Sarah

P.s: I say stick to Kafikh, yal kafkheen, wayed abrak :P

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2009
Motivation 12:03 AM

Exams are UP


I wish you nothing but success ! So, Study hard/smart, seclude yourselves, DO NOT visit my blog, and just shut the door and w.o.r.k the runway hidden in your brain cells. HAH!

You are all special, you might as well see it on paper & ink !

“Success is simple. Do whats right, the right way, at the right time” – Arnold H. Glasgow

Good luck kids!

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August, 2009
Music 12:02 AM

Music: Heartbreaker (FLASHBACK)

YouTube Preview Image

Mariam looks crazy zexy cool in this video.

I only watch it to witness the cat fight between Mariam & Baianca. HAWT !

I call her Mariam, not Mariah.

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August, 2009
People 12:01 AM

Beauties Of The World: Drew Barrymore

Born: 1975

Country: America

Occupation: Hollywood Superstar Actress & Producer.

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August, 2009
Food 2:43 PM

NEW: Starbucks Flashes 48 New items !


The ever so zexy starfox has 48 new dishes to the menu. The Packaging is different, heavy and brownish.

Sandwiches, salads, muffins, rolls, drinks, go to the nearest starfox and explor’em yourselves.

I ordered my regular glass of heavenly loveliness, the colorful fruit salad, first thing i noticed is the live well sticker which is very UKish and you know what that means, a BIG YES ! I love UK influences ! Anyway, they added extra mango juice, new pinapple pieces, watermelon and usual suspects, mango, apple, kiwi, strawberry.

This fruity tooty awesomeness is a winner in my book indeed !

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