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August, 2009
Entertainment 12:03 AM


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You will have to watch the whole video ok ?

Ok a deep breath.

I will leave my comments to myself. Yet, I have these quick things to say:

- Her english is good.

- She is funny.

Thats all im saying, we are keeping it neat over here at p0ach. *snap* BAAM!

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45 comments on “Shoojy (VIDEO UPDATED)

  1. nevermind on said:

    shejon went to an English school.. I remember her being sweet, cute and nerdy ;)..

    i love this girl

  2. I LOVE HER!!!!


  3. um-mit3ib on said:

    enshal il video ma midany ashofa!

  4. Laish inshaal?;(

  5. am I the only one who hate her here? laish wayid etqeth 6owayif oboy ely yabni??? seriously, she might be sweet, she might be lovely, bs defashat’ha et3iiiiil!!!

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there Hala,

      thanks for dropping by ;) ohh and you might be, your opinion is respected regardless.

      oh and I love your email address (dont worry, only i can see it ) :P

  6. Now I can comment;p

    is she saying fayeth wala fayez in the songs?;\


  7. um-mit3ib on said:


  8. cooookies on said:

    come again ?!!

    funny ?

    her english is good ?

    eeh khair inshallah =)

    Madre mino galuhum lazim kil actor e9eer muthee3 ?!

  9. A.Albaz on said:

    yeah she is saying fayez with a lisp!

  10. shwaish on said:

    hehehehehhe 7abait the dangling cheer leader ad thing hehehe and madre i have mixed feelings of hate/like 7agha :s

  11. agool 3ashaw el kowawla bas

  12. Ghirardelli on said:

    Shijoon.. inshaala mo kil mosalsal o tark 6al3a feeh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LOOL 3abdallah, chakait el email! it’s my “only for blogs comments” EMAIL :P

  14. Salma-G on said:

    Oh good god, Egg man, were you high on magic markers when you wrote that she’s “funny” and has “good English”?

    1. She didn’t speak a single word of English in that video.
    2. Funny? HA! You silly, silly man.
    3. The hair? really?
    4. She looks like she moisturized her body with a pile of carrot shit. Ladies, don’t fake it, ’cause when you do you look like Oompa Loompas.

    Good day, sire!

    • Abdullah on said:

      hey there, Love the new name :P

      ok the english bit was given while i was watching the show, not on this clip cuz i didnt find any :/

      funny, ee ya3nee you can sense the nastiness :P

      hair, i didnt go there :P


  15. shosho on said:

    7abait agool ena shoiooji shes cute w lovely w ma7ad mithil 6ebatha w kill shay feeh 7ellow 7atta her personality bass el shay el wa7eed elee em5arib her hir gabill a7la …..

  16. baaaainy o baaainik ihya 5ebla o ra8la bs wallah i9ara7a aa sha59eyatan itwanesny itha mako shi’3il wallah mothe3een hala ayaam aktharhom damhom thigeeel imawtoon min ilmalaa8a o thegalaaat il6eena:p

  17. Patchouli on said:

    Omg!!! Whts with the hair do??? And the music??? Bs alla e3afeeha 5an nith7ak shway;p

  18. Dee jr. on said:

    waw naturally blond mashallah (A)

  19. WAAAAAI3

  20. nasser on said:


    aby asjl asloon

    3al fkra ana a7b brnmaj

  21. Silverleaf on said:

    Well, her English should be good. She used to be in an English school (GES I believe) .My cousin who went to the same school used to know her.He says she was nice and funny even back then.

    I like her.I think she’s cool. =)

  22. halla,”ShOoJy”….i9ara7ah il barnamaj imnawir iwyach w inti doorch fee mousalsal (um ilbanat)wayed 7loo w n7na nibah emailch bas laish ya shoojy… matridoon 3al eti9al

  23. halla walla every one
    7e99a 7abebtii walla hay ishay mo be2eede walla hay ilcontrol oo ba3dain ana kent fee GES oo ana swait my hair bs 3ashan ilbarnamaj mashkoreen 3ala kelshay oo
    ana ba3ad a7ebkom

    ShOoJy :D

  24. fa9la 7dy :> on said:

    hiii shloonkm sh5barkm 3sakm b5ir :) ….. tra 7dyy fa9lh mno yf9l m3ay :p ….. fayz fayz fayz enta fayzfayz wla fayz aha fayz:) ya alby:) ya shooooojy wla esht8nalha :) mno mshta8 h8 shooojy yrf3 eidh :p ….. eldnya 7lwa w a7la snin bn3shha w 7naya nas 3shein ….. :) 3isha sny w b`3ny w b7b el7yat hya dnya 7a3ishha lyn mra w 5las :) ….. la tlomony tra r7t almdrsa w ma nmt shrana :) :) w fa9la 7dy hahahaha :)

  25. ^_~fay^_~ on said:


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