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August, 2009
interview 12:02 AM

Abdullah Interviews Deema & Ziad


Saturday is here, im psyched, excited !

Today your in for a treat, I have two people mixed in one interview for you. You know what they say, there’s always a first.

So who are today’s guests ?

Deema Al-Abdulrazag & Ziad Sarkiz. They have both worked together to create Deema’s brand new beauty saloon, DEEMZ.

Deema has been my only close “lady” friend since the year 2000. Our families are tied together but thats not the case, she, poor thing, has been a listener to me blowing her brains out with all kinds of mess i went through till i reached SEMI-Maturity (HAH!) Deema ? were about to hit 10 years. Thank you for your unconditional friendship.

Ziad, a well known lebanese designer, employed by many locals in their extravagant needs from houses to chalets, this man will blow your brains out.


Regardless of what I think, let me give you a glimpse of what they have to say to you.

So, guys, they say ladies first, so Deema, introduce yourself to all the lovelies out there, then back to you Ziad.
Well, my name is Deema Al Abdulrazzaq im 27 years young. I love traveling, going to the beach. I am currently working hard getting my MBA and currently not imployeed by choice.

Ok, Ziad ?

Hehe, love the transition, no big intro ? Well, my name is Ziad Sarkis, im 36 years old. I am in love with arts and traveling. I have a degree in 3D display design: Interiors, theme nights, exhibition space design, graphics, window display, visual merchandising.


What inspired you to tap into who you are now ?
Deema’s take: Well I am someone who usually gets their hair done and also nails. I go to salons and love to spend time there being pampered and thats where I can up with the idea of having my own salon not to forget that friends of mine usually would also come up and tell me you should get your own salon.

Ziad: I have always been passionate about my creative side, but never took myself seriously. Deema pushed my buttons and I brought all my energy to it.

Ok, so in brief, What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?
Well, as a salon which provides beatuy to customers , there is a limit as to how I can differ. They Way DeEmzZ Salon is different is in its decoration and  presentation, it is divided into 2 parts , one part for the hair area and the other is the Nails Area.  In Addtion, DeEmZz Salon is a salon where it only focuses on Hair and Nails and might not have all the other services that Salons are offerring, the reason for that is beacause DeEmzz Salon targets quality, never quantity.

Ziad:My work is personal and not commercial. I focus on creating designs to fit each person’s specific briefs and personality. With all that said, I do it with a personal touch, which meets the most possible attention to detail and finish in production.


OK you guys what about the whole support system ?
Everyhting goes back to my Family , my mom was great supporter just as the idea popped and my step dad was the one and only who supported every single detail that Ziad and Myself wanted to achieve.

Ziad:I have to believe in myself and my work for each client (when I go back to to it in person or photos) they gives me power to go on…….I have a dream you see. Family is crucial no doubt.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?
I see myself having a bigger Salon and building its brand while also shoe designing ( another addiction I have :) )

Ziad: I believe that I will broaden my coverage of the region and hopefully the world.

What was the most difficult part in bringing all of this together?
The place I took was a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment and all those rooms had to be down so the place could be spacious, this took quite a while. I was always excited and wanted to open the salon ASAP and Ziad was always calming me down, so after approximatly a year DeEmZz was finally opened !!

Ziad:The most challenging part, may I say, in any project and in this one in particular is to create something out of nothing without repeating yourself. Meaning, uniquely sourcing and putting the entire concept and bring it to life with an important factor always working against you and that is time. Knowing that in any commercial or even residential project you have to make sure to put the client utilization of the space time schedule in mind. After all, they also have a time line and schedule to start operation and that is always like juggling 7 oranges at the same time. One being the client, and the others (and they can be more) are the contractors, suppliers, the “shuaun”, and the staff / clients of the salon who want to start its operation as soon as possible.


Oh and Deema, how come I just knew about Ziad ? HAH! seriously, how did you meet ziad ?
Well I met Ziad through a Friend of mine while I was working at NBK, He showed me his work and a year later I call up Ziad and ask him to design the salon for me. Our first meeting was at my house and we started to brainstorm concepts and thats where we came up with the Roberto Cavalli theme.


Ziad, can you give us a glimpse about the design, concept ?
Usually my client gives me a brief on what style he/she is looking for, may it be classic, modern, contemporary, bohemian, ethnic, etc… In the Case of DeEmZz the style was inspired from my client’s love for the world renowned fashion icon and designer Mr. Roberto Cavalli. From then on in I had to dig up all I can/could find about his collection, style, colors, materials etc… Whip it up and come up with a concept for the salon based on that.

Every little detail in the salon may it be design or technical was sourced from the best and most exclusive out let in Kuwait and some where ordered from Europe or the US. Deema was involved with full-on passion, being a regular salon client herself, wanting to make sure that her personal clients have the complete glamourous five star experience and more. When we would go to source fitting or fixtures, it would always be a thrill because both of us would be so passionate about picking the items and imagining it coming together; that alone was enough to ignite the drive to bring forth a unique, exclusive, glamourous, professional, and warm beauty salon to welcome ladies who appreciate DeEmzZ and want to give themselves the best.


Ok and the services you provide ?
Highlights , hair cuts, hair do’s , kerateen, treatments, manicure , padicure , makeup, and threading.


Throw something for p0ach readers.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Love what you do with passion, for it will always be the source of unconditional happiness.

Contact & info:
Tel: 25714282

Salmiya, Baghdad Street, next to La Bagette bakery.

Opening Hours:
10 AM – 9 PM

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35 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Deema & Ziad

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  2. mabroook deeema ;)

  3. good luck deema, i reallly want to visit your salon sometime.

  4. allah 7iloo waaayid ;) el interview a7la. its next to the salon elle aro7lah , 3ayal defiantly ra7 ajarbah ;)

  5. definitely* ww

  6. i went there oo its amaaaaazing!!! loved it Great job deema…

  7. Charmbracelet..N~ on said:

    (H) mashalla

    I loved the interview!

  8. DeEmzZ on said:

    3abady thanks for the support both the interview and the pics are amazing…. thanks for the support and unconditional love …. :))

  9. looks nice thanx abdulla u always enlight us with stuff
    deemz u owe him :)

    ishall pay a visit bas may i ask deema what nationalities are who make highlights and cuts ? thanx

  10. Patchouli on said:

    the interior design looks great mashalla!
    expect a visit anytime soon;p w law i loved it (which i doubt i wont) bag3ad 3ala galbich kilyoum emsayra 3alaich;p

  11. Lulwa al-tuwaijri on said:

    i love it love it love it
    all the best DeEMzZ ;**

    • DeEmzZ on said:

      luuuullllwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa habiibtiiiii thanks for passing by the other day …. yalla come by another time for some more gossip …. miss yaa soo much mwaaaaaaaaah

  12. Monera on said:

    mshala il design 3ajeeeb

    does Ziad have a design house in kwt or how can we get in touch with him

  13. Ive been to the Salon, and i have to say: The Salon is absolutely Fabulous, and the Service is Even better. The Nailpolish used at the Salon is of Very Good quality, and the colors are sooo “different”. LOVE IT!!! everyone there was very welcoming, they really make u feel at home. if you’re looking for comfort while getting pampered, this is THE PLACE TO GO TO. (oh, and i especially loved the music in the background, good stuff)
    Allah ywafgich Deema, U deserve it habeebty:)

    • DeEmzZ on said:

      Hayaaaaaa loved that u came in .. you light up the place .. :) miss u and yeah we should gather for coffee soon …. btw ur sweets were amazing ppl are gonna go crazy i gained 1 kilo love it ….

  14. sh7alat ziad :kissing:

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