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August, 2009
Documentary 12:04 AM

Short Documentary: Texas Shows Love

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Listen, If you have the time, watch this, its a 5 minute video that will dramatically change from BAD to GOOD.

Basically, its a video of a muslim woman (prank) who wants to buy stuff from the grocey store, the guy refuses to serve her because of who/what she represents.

WAIT WAIT WAIT and HOLD ON, before I see all that unnecessary comments section filled with GOD knows what, I need you to read this line which is just my humble analysis:

The people who APPROVED the man’s behavior towards the woman are people who do not have a connection/knowledge/awareness on who/what moderate muslims represent.

The people who CONDEMENED the man, are people who HAVE a connection, wither a friend or a son who is in exile in Iraq (as seen in the video)

What am i trying to say here ?

People give false assumptions/judgement are people who (lets keep it classy) do not know enough. In other words, I THINK, ignorance leads to judgement and staying in the dark.

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14 comments on “Short Documentary: Texas Shows Love

  1. cooookies on said:

    My BP just dropped from 160 to a safe 120 right at the end of the documentary:P

    Still though its sad to see that some people are that arrogant ! Sad but unfortunately true

  2. Cupid;* on said:

    I loved how the people stood up for her and it’s really unfortunate to see such race over America especially since as they say that it’s a “free country” but then again there’s no country free from racism but I loved the documentary thanx for sharing it!

    • Abdullah on said:

      Well, I want to say that I dont blame them. Why ? because the media is bombarding them with ideas about us being ignorant fools. you know ?

      As silly as it may sound, Alot of arabs are heading to the states for long summer vacations, which means interaction, image correction, a real live candid person, one on one talk, that will definitely switch things up.

  3. SlouchyPants on said:


    I’m sorry dude, I just couldn’t take anything the psychologist said seriously! the way he pronounces shit is just hilarious :P

  4. I love that show lol

    It shows people what they look like (on the inside, humans or monsters) when nobody’s watching.. Makes you think before you act..

    And I’ll have to agree with SlouchyPants.. As an English teacher, I found that guy’s pronunciation hilarious lol

  5. ShoSho on said:

    very moving.
    But, sometimes when I view Muslim and Arabs history….I can get why non-muslims hate us.
    many terrorist acts were committed by muslims (saudi, pakistani,indian, arabs, etc)

    if we Arabs cant live with each other in peace and love each other…how do we expect others to love us?
    arent’t hamas and fath people killing each other and innocent civilian palastenians more than the israelis themselves?
    didnt iraq invade kuwait and kill kuwiatis and destroyed kuwait?
    wasnt iraq in war with iran for over 8 years?
    if we want people to love us…we should love each other first.

    • Abdullah on said:

      Shosho, thanks for dropping by ;)

      Girl, your review is so true and to the point, I could not agree more.

      Yet, there are 2 sides to each and every coin. Hateful events happened in the states from people within their own community too. Nobody said nothing about that, nothing at all.

      Your points are valid and accurate, i applaud you for that.

  6. jiblawi on said:

    very touching … but im not a religous person or anything but mo lazem talbis thoub lama it9ali .. o may9eer itlim il rayal akher il video ?

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