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August, 2009
phenomenon 12:05 AM

Phenomenon: Horses/Karma


When I was a little kid, my mum told me that when judgement day comes, GOD does not look at our beautiful faces, names & races. He deals with the soul and the actions we did brought upon ourselves back when these souls had temporarily bodies to ride.

Ever since that day, I always saw people as energy. Small dots, combined temporarily to form a face, body and voice.

She also told me, that the poor will be set free from their misery by being judged first and having mercy surround them with love. I guess this is why Im attached to african/black/ethnic and earthly races. Not to say that they represent the poor, yet, what my eyes saw was enough. I have taken further steps by being in love with their music, food and culture.

Ever since I was little, I had another side of my childhood, my father. He thought I was his golden child, a proud father. He took me to every diwaniya, gathering, dinner parties. Men would say “ who’s son are you ?” I would answer and they’d say “ WELL SAID ! thats our boy !”

Ofcourse back then, I would smile and “think” that this is amazing !! This wonderful welcome of my tiny presence and im only a child, but wait ! for what ? what did I do to achieve such praise ? I never understood it. Nor did I care, too young to analyze it.

As I grew up, I understood that we are treated like horses. Not like I used to think “ energy”. Horses are estimated according to breed, type, medical history, and “sometimes” racing achievements. Thats exactly how we are measured. I dislike it, I do not approve of it.

A family member once told me that I think with my heart and I must appreciate the gifts I have. Why would they think im not appreciative? would they think so ? some find me ignorant to even address this issue. Am i ? or are you ?

Who are you ? or better yet, What do you think you worth is ? honestly ?

Im sorry, I might have taken things off topic, yet I have a story to share:

A friend of mine looked ill/yellow/about-to-die-willingly face. I gave him a “this too shall pass” look, regardless of what his situation was. I did not know/sense anything that is/was bothering him. He keeps a low profile and I love him for that.

When everybody left he said this sentence to me out of nowhere “ you know, her parents think im not good enough, her mum thinks im not worthy “ I killed my smiling face, asked for further questions. Then I knew the classic story of racism was about to hit.

We are not kids anymore, so I wont go into the unnecessary details. What was considered “NEWS” to me was that the MOM is the person in charge when it came to his rejection. She is the one who refused the marriage proposal. She is related to my friend. That, to me is a modern twist to this classic disaster.

I hold no judgement against her. She is the mother after all. She wants whats “best” for her child. I just dont know how far people would go out there to get that “best”.

He says, her mum is kind, she knows him very well, she told him once, your a catch, surely he is. Again, I dont want to get into details but you do want a protective man, and i do mean a MAN. He is that and more. Healthy, young, hip, has “fluid” cash access and above all has a big heart. Let me stress again that he is related to the mother. You dont want him to marry your child because of what ? his name which is shared between the two of you ? He might disrespect your gold plated daughter ? He might tell her your ugly ?

Tell me this my love, how did your relationship last with your husband ? isint he considered as a stronger breed than you (in your book), how did you survive ? Didnt you have a house which AS I UNDERSTAND is a house full of love and understanding between the two of you ? You think your daughter cant have that ?

What is it ? because honestly, I thought the father would have an issue, not you.

He, my friend, told me that I can not understand or feel his pain because I represent the other side of the story. I, honestly, was surprised by that statement. I did not respond however because I know that he knows me too well and he knows how I view people but he was in pain, he wanted to throw things, take out the frustration out on someone, I was happily, his sponge. I inhaled it all in. Eased him down, asked him to take a vacation, go out with friends, end his misery, find someone new.

He did.

Funny part comes in now.

He is now married, has a son, from a woman who was also a friend of mine (and get this) she is from a way better “breed” than the poor girl who was forbidden that blissful harmonies gift from up above.

The girl is still single. The mom, accepted a street rat for her daughter, the guy later rejected the whole thing, got it annulled.


Those who are “achievers” do not care who they match up with as long as they are happy/in love. The unworthy, however, associate themselves with achievers/names/personalities to be empty bodies that contribute toxic energy.

Karma is a what ? yeah thats right.

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44 comments on “Phenomenon: Horses/Karma

  1. Maryam on said:

    My mom comes from a higher “Breed” than my dad, but I don’t see this being an issue ! Although it is with certain members of the family.
    To us (me, my mom, dad and sisters) it’s all about being able to hold responsibility, offer love & support and being able to start a family. If a person’s not able to do those, then how will his/her breed help him do it!

    Excellent post on a very touchy subject ! Praises !

  2. Well said Abdullah,
    but what was the daughters position in this? Did she put up a fight? In many families situations like these often arise, and ‘disowning’ might occur.
    To the generations of our parents it is a much bigger story than just race and family names.
    I, personally, do agree with what you’ve mentioned and hope these sticky situations occur less and less in the coming generations.

    And again, well written.

  3. Trixie on said:

    Yeah it’s a delicate subject in these parts of the region… Allah ra7mah willa chan ilm3ayar ma yogaf…

  4. MarQadoosh on said:

    I never really knew all this existed until I saw it happen in front of me to a family friend.

    Sta’3firalla I don’t know how people think. Youm ilqiyama kilina 3nd Allah mithil mithil w la farq ila bitaqwa. Ma7ib afte aw shay bas isara7a 7aram ahal ysawon chithe b3yalhum 3ala bu isim. Yaama nas ma twafiqaw w 3ayshen miserably ‘walla 3shan “mtzawjeen isim”.’ Il7amdila ina ahale mu mithil that mother w yabonli RAYYAL (mu ga3da adalil 3ala nafse LOL).

    Bas rabik ma y6ig ib 3asa w ka your friend il7amdila has a good life with a good person w 3asallah ytamim 3alaihum..

    You made me cry lol

    • Abdullah on said:

      Oh im sorry I didnt mean to make you cry, I do understand what your saying and NO mo ga3da itdalelen 3ala nafsich, shako ?

  5. Sarah on said:

    Interesting post!

  6. QuestionQ8 on said:

    Oh my, i was JUST talking to my friend about the exact same issue. Except with him, it’s not about whose the “better breed” it’s just about being different. It’s sad really. Those two people could take on the world together, bs our society..maysm7on 7g halshay. “7alat ilthob rg3ta mna wfe” 3ala golat’hom.
    Well, i beg to differ! Mix’N'Match people! That could work too;p just like it worked for your friend:) 3asAlla etamim 3alaihom;)
    Gotta love karma!;)

    btw when I saw Maryam’s comment, i was like..when did i comment?!:P

    • Abdullah on said:

      LOL at the maryam part :P

      Yeah I do understand the thoob rig3ita mina o feeh, but that was back then when traditions ruled everything, while now unity is what gets people together, I mean from food, to clothes, to behavior, I do understand that. Also, Im not saying get your daughters or sons married to “ANYONE”, im just saying that there is an un-necessary MAN MADE barrier.

  7. hatha isamoona ta5alof
    a9lan fee chithy? omy o obooy mo chihee ya3ny ye7tarmoon 8araratey la2ana a5rety hatah mosta8bely o 7ayaty o ma7ad ra7 yeda5al feeha
    loool faj2a ta2athart o indemajt
    bs haman ohma ishefoon shay a7na manshoofa fahmeen il7ayat akthar min a7na fahmeeena :p
    bs ana atwa8aa3 o moo bs tawa8e3 akeed fee sabeb thaany la2any il om it7een 3ala i3yaalha o a5raatha ter6′a bs akeed fe sibab thany…
    ilmofalsifa F!:p
    i9ara7a ana ishta6aaait bs i5etha 8a3eda ib 7ayaatik daymaan ismaa3 ilsalfa min 6arafaaain

  8. Again, only in Kuwait would society DEEPLY investigate matters like the “breeds” when it comes to marriage and other such communal issues. I mean an Egyptian woman can marry a Japanese guy, and in both societies family arguments may arouse about ethnicity. But only in Kuwait would families/parents go into something so profound and stick to their “breed”.
    Ya3ni adree ina kelman lah wejhat nithar bs a7es its ridiculous how bil thab6 shloon kelishay chena investigation
    On the contrary to that, religion steps foot in too. I mean in the end we’re all Muslim. We fast and pray for one God, so what’s the big problem there? (I’ll stop here while I still can)
    Wallah madree… I guess that the family breeds try too hard to stick to taking their special breeds for whatever reason it might be. Yemkin to hold their family names, civilizations/traditions/beliefs (if any that is). But they’re missing the big picture, they’re creating set-backs. They’re missing out on the not-so-unique breed out there, that’s actually a must-have-kinda-breed.

    You see 2 ppl and you think they’re inevitable cus they’re in love ,yet they cant be together all because of a name. That’s labeling right there.

    By any means, I dont mean to say this IS how Kuwait is, but we all know its how society roles here. So yeah I’m generalizing with some exceptional exceptions.

    Lol FYI, wayed yazli the “breeding” term ;p

    • Abdullah on said:

      hey D,

      you said all the key words, words like ” label, names, investigate, religion, set-back”

      I couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive understanding.

      LOL yeah “Breeds” is a bit funny, cuz its inspired from horses :P

  9. Fatoumah on said:

    I like karma cuz tbarid ilchabd :) , as for the mother in the story ma3indaha salfa dam il rayal t3arfa o he happens to be related, bas on the other side ham il om laha 7ag enha ten9a7 il bint mahma kanat ehya om bas her mom was kinda wayid tabi over stuff yebayin.

    o ana i hate shay wayid yenarfiz 9ara7a tara tafkeer elnas ’3ala6 ena kil “breed” yabon esim thats so general, tara hal shay 3ala 7asab il bait nafsa! ana mashof ib baitna wallah la2 ela ta5theen bait flan wela 3elan!, its not the name that counts its 6areqat il ta3amol il esloob, il a5laq, il qeyam 6areqat il tarbiya that counts o hal shay yebayin wa’9e7 aqal shay roo7 el avenues shoof elnas and you’ll know what i mean. ra7 telga nas nafsik o ra7 telga nas 3aksik, will u marry eli 3aksik?

    bel nehaya hathi towafeeg mn allah o ne9eebik ye9eebik 3ala golat elgayel :D

    • Abdullah on said:

      Fatoumah, karma is an energy to be messed with.

      I love this line of yours cuz its so true “its not the name that counts its 6areqat il ta3amol il esloob, il a5laq, il qeyam 6areqat il tarbiya that counts o hal shay yebayin wa’9e7 aqal shay roo7 el avenues shoof elnas and you’ll know what i mean. ra7 telga nas nafsik o ra7 telga nas 3aksik, will u marry eli 3aksik?” I know that this is a rhetorical line, you dont want an answer, lakin still, i’ll throw my ideas once again. I stressed on having a person who is “almost” close to you mentally. And he was THAT to her.

      You have a point. Marvelous !

  10. shwaish on said:

    7abait hal post alot! And its so great ino u didnt just go all hurt puppy 3ala ur friend, lana 9a7 people say shit when theyre down

    uhh madre ana friends and family think im demented for not giving a rats ass what ur “breed” is but if ur a bum ass under achiever and ur that by choice, then u mean almost nothing to me, seriously lana then ur just a waste of space

    great post :* good morning

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey babe, glad you liked it, and NO not demented at all, yet dont just THROW yourself on anyone, or better yet, i better take my words back cuz i know ino you know what your doing, we did discuss that earlier :P

      A lovely afternoon to you too.

  11. Hadeel on said:

    I am very happy for your friend, i love fighters.
    You can enjoy the rest of your life by deciding to enjoy it or you can live the rest of if in mesry…its your decision.
    At the end of the day, its all destiny and we might as well just enjoy the ride:)

  12. Abdulmohsen on said:

    If they’re relatives then talk of breeds is confusing. Maybe the reason is a secret feud between mothers.

    But being rejected by a relative is a tough pill to swallow. If your friend reminded you of this then he should forget about it and live his life with his wife and son.

    We should consider something else besides karma… and that is fate, especially when it comes to marriage.

    • Abdullah on said:

      Mi7sin ! missed you !

      once again, wise words, yet there was no feud, there was an “aim for the highest” situation. Poor thing, materialism killed the joy/light in her heart.

      Actually, he did not remind me, for some reason, I was asked to join him, his wife and some family members to go out on a trip somewhere, fa i was reminded and thought I should share this piece of info :P

      Fate is everything that ever is/was. Very wise mis7in, very wise.

  13. this is by far ur best article/ post whatever, congrats dude its 10/10;p wellsaid bro

  14. Different Breed means different 3adat oo ta8aleed !! means diff society, means diff point of views, means diff food, diff taste, it even means diff house smell !! we heard allot of stories about mixing breeds some of them works but most of them don’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against the idea but some times we need to learn from other experiences.
    ba3deen 3abood ur friend is lucky since he got someone better !! kheeraah !!

    P.s. the post is chathaaab :P

    • Abdullah on said:

      Zuech, *cough* china hatha *cough* ismik ma3a il “cough* bloggers LOOOOL !

      OK well, I so agree on everything you said, its all in the details. I understand that. I dont understand the rejection of someone who shares the same “pattern” though.

      7abait agolik ina I am officially using ” ChathaaaaB ” LOL

    • Trixie on said:

      HAHAHAHAHA!! I just got it!!! ya3ni “mo 9ij” :P

  15. suspic on said:

    Great topic, y7abi6 though since it will never end in our society.

    Realitsicly other cultures have the same wishes to choose who’s best for their children, bs 3indina we take everything to the extreme. We’re very shallow and pointless.

    Y3ni bs hatha ele 3indina 3ilm el ansab, who chose a better mate to have sex with. It’s a bit animalistic.

    The only standard should be happiness. Regardless of things in common and everything else, if the person makes you happy..go for it. =O

    • Abdullah on said:

      I am here to tell you that this disease is slowly fading. There will always be a light where darkness is.

      People are getting happier now a days way more than before, there are more choices now, things are getting easier.

      Im so glad !

      • suspic on said:

        Just go to any dewanya where you’d be new, and see how they slowly ask you strategic questions about your family, relatives, etc. to slowly figure out which breed you’re from.

        It’s alive and kickin’.

        • Abdullah on said:

          Yeah but that would be a bit different, that would be to label you and see which category you fit ?

          The inferior ? The ruler ? Its an EGO related issue

  16. Love the post BTW !! wayiid wayiid i have kalam bs tawni ga3da o mali 5ilg atfalsaf nw ;p oo 7alata kilina from one breed 3aref shloun! o chthy wee choose freely .. bs wallah in our socitey bey6al3oon moshkila ydeda .. waai3 i hate how ppl think! :D

    Ever think about how horses may face that issue , he might be smokin , lovin , spiritually attached in love with the hotty horse in the next stable .. bs cant hook up ! ela ma3a el shfeefa ely t9erla that looks kinda like his mum LOOOL! ;D .. just relate that to humans in a way and think how that might sux reeeeal bad!

  17. pretty-gene on said:

    Its a very touching post/topic, especially if it happened to you or to a close freind, but, this topic is never ending, and very disturbing…mahma you talk about it.. parents will always be parents, who at the end will look for the best for their kids, even though sometimes they can be difficult and uncompromising, and like you said Karma is a *****. :)

  18. i just read this ,,, i’m in the office and tears in my eyes .. i was always proud of my self who i am my family my breed lema it happened to me , i hated it bas lemeta ,,, when you say breed mo it sound like talking about animals !! dogs horses .,.,.,.guys we are human beings …we think …we have personalities …we love we care … we hate .. mom got her blue blooded husband for me and he treated me like sh*t for 4 weeks . so what does breed got to do with building a happy familly !!!! as for the guy he is happily married with a wonderfull wife that i really know and like .
    it hurts but i dont regret it because for me parrents come first . as for karma when is my turn i keep giving , bas el karma lahya 3ane some one nudge karma for me . he he he :) SMILE :) tra kil shy Gazer :p bas nice post el3obod no one talks about it . o la7tha la7tha one more thing (( WHY BOYS GET TO MARRY ANY GRL BAS GRLZ NO !!!! ))

    • Abdullah on said:

      I am honestly sorry for what you’v had to go through, I am not intending to touch on that subject for the reason of causing controversy or whatever, lakin, there was a twist in it.

      And no, boyz dont get to choose, they’r parents DO.

    • dalolly .. its me fa6oom and alooy ! we love u :”")!! entaaay bs redaay lebanaan o yebaay hal husband el @#$%^&*( o walla walla walla la arida liq8 be3thaam ! KAAAK serioiusly love u :** o gelna we stop hal film el 5a6eer .. o tara tony sends his regards babe .. heeees on FIREEE !! KAAAAK dalool read this or die !!

      p.s : 3aloooy is still buzzing!

    • Trixie on said:

      I don’t mean to pry, but were you forced to say yes to the blue-blooded husband?

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  20. DreamerGal on said:

    I love how you raise issues like this; for awareness and all!


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