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July, 2009
People 12:05 AM

People Worth Knowing: Shaikha Al-Zahem


Born: 1937.
Occupation: Journalism & Media.

Shaikha, Daughter of Abdulaziz Al Zahim & Sabeeka Al Sager, brought up in Qibla, Kuwait.

One of the first women who studied in the UK while women were struggling behind closed doors and ignorance. She came back as a journalist, established different magazines for kids, one noted would be called “Yasmeen & Dana”. She taught in school and had many participations on Radio, TV and Print mania.

Interesting Facts about her:

- She is the first woman who said “Hona Al Kuwait” as in “This is the state of kuwait”

- She and her friends burned down the Abbaya infront of school. Within seconds, the news spread all over the country. The rest is history.

I call her the mother of “moderate” freedom, more power to you. Girls owe you big time!

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22 comments on “People Worth Knowing: Shaikha Al-Zahem

  1. Arch.Faisal on said:

    i love mama shaikhaa ( kafkha ) 3ala goltek …
    alah ekhaliha lokoom ;*

  2. Arch.Faisal on said:

    love all ALZA7EM family ;p specially mama D ;p

  3. ah.

    you should both research, and check:
    for more accurate info.

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there, thanks for dropping by ;)

      I checked that web, its amazing, thank you, yet i dont find Miss Shaikha there ?

  4. Bo9ale7 on said:

    3assa allah e6awel ib 3omerha inshalla :*

  5. QuestionQ8 on said:

    So far, she is the most impressive person in your “People-worth-knowing” category, in my opinion.


  6. eng. on said:

    Mmm.. Ya7laylha madry itha it9eerlik wila la’a bas mn il comments i assume ina it9eerlk fa alah ikhaleeha lkom, ilmohm ma fehamt shako 7argeen abbaya jdam il madresa??

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there, thanks for dropping by ;)

      Well they burned them to declare independence from “it”.

      Please know that Abbbaya is not a bad thing to wear or even hideous. Its just all about breaking the “YOU MUST WEAR THIS” rule.

  7. eng. on said:

    hehe ee ana agool isitir 3mra ma kan bad!!

  8. Maryam on said:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about her !
    We do owe her, thanks for introducing her !

  9. Smart-y on said:

    eeeee.. athker salfat al 3ebby ely e7reqohom.. wallah allah yekhalehaa oo ykather mn amthalhaa enshallah :)

    thanks 4 sharing this p0ach.

  10. Thank you for introducing me to a worth knowing figure, very interesting I will say :)

  11. I love them all!! o u know who’s my number 1 feehum ;p ya 7alat’ha wallah ;**
    allah ya36eehum il 9i7a wil 3afya :D

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