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June, 2009
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Jam Of The Day: Amerie. One Thing

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I do not have the ability to stop listening to this track. FAYAH !

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11 comments on “Jam Of The Day: Amerie. One Thing

  1. Fahad on said:

    I remember not knowing who Amerie was when I first heard that song on Hitch (Will Smith’s movie) and I instantly fell in love with her, and the rest is history.

  2. MAZE on said:


  3. Ahmed on said:

    I like this song. She’s good :D

  4. Abdulla on said:

    I really like this soong too! But its the only Amerie song that i know, unfortunately :s

  5. Abdullah on said:

    THIS WOMAN IS GOOODDDDDDD, she’s got the GOOD GOOD 3ala golat shanti bint kumari :P

  6. Mar8adoosh on said:

    3ajeeeba ilsong lol china feha zeraan ;p

    ahamshay ini 7almaaan feek looooool i was buying a phone for my mum wila inta i think u owned the huge ma7al LOL ;pp

  7. Mar8adoosh on said:


    You looked fine don’t worry bs knt shway takhtookh haha bas you kept staring at me chinik bt6igne bs jidam my parents tbtisim :p shda3wa tikrahne chithe :p

  8. Abdullah on said:

    LooooL that’s funny, how did I look like ? Like which dinosaur ? ;P

  9. Abdullah on said:

    ana mooo takhtookh !!!!!!! LOOOL plus, ma shiftay my sharp teeth ? they tend to pop out when i see a pretty young thing :P

  10. Mar8adoosh on said:

    LOOL walla u were takhtookh ana maly shu’3ulll ;p LOOL tara asti7y ;p

  11. Abdullah on said:

    Grrrrrrr !! Khalas shasawee, wafaqat :P

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