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June, 2009

Beirut is Zexy


I am maxed out by many events. Yet, we reached the zexy KaFKHa land of gorgeous people.

I have alot to say, yet I must sleep early as I have a very important early morning meeting. I did, however snap lots of pics from here and there.

I loved it although I have not seen much yet. I’ll leave you with GOD’s big cloud that graced beirut yesterday.

Why are people topless in the streets ? what is this ?? an extra alarm screaming that we have to workout twice as hard ?

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20 comments on “Beirut is Zexy

  1. Ansam on said:

    Have fun and snap pictures as much as you can and come back to share’em here :-P

  2. suspic on said:

    I’ll be taking a 4 day trip there in the middle of the damn summer course. Looking forward to the topless people…and mountains and clouds and whatever. =O

  3. sambousa on said:

    Haw,fee topless ppl there? :s I never saw that laman ri7t 3ad that’s “nasty” :s anyways beurit is Zexy bas allah iyhadeek I’ll pic mu that zexy..were u going for the more historic kinda classic buildings,cuz if that’s ur view 3ayal I’ll hotel kilish mu kafi5,illa ma 7a9al wala kaf5a ;)

  4. ilsul6ana on said:

    LOOOL @ samboosa oo FFO :P ee wallah 7ata ana masheft topless ppl ;S a5af qa9da men..7asafa :p

    Abooooo they are very zexy and sweeeeet! and double kaf5a 2 that :P

  5. Abdullah on said:

    Bokra inshalla badna in7o6 ilkon kam sora haik min hoon oo hooneek, oo sara7a merci la everybody oo mercy la ALLAH oo mercy la ilkoon, yeeee !! ita’akharnaa !! badnaa nimshee !

    ok thats all the lebanese i could get from one day :P

    wija3 ! ishyabik int 7ag lebon ! khalaik 3ala il 3abdelee abrak :P (thats a me on myself discussion) :P

  6. Maze on said:

    hahahahahahaha…LMAO at the comments…to2borni Abdallah shou mahdoom!

  7. Smart-y on said:

    lak ya zalamaaa shooo 3am to3muuuuuuul fe lebnaaaan.. ;P?
    enjoy ur time! :D

  8. Ahmed on said:

    where are the topless people?!
    gosh I so wanna go beirut ?

  9. enjoy every moment! latensa t9awer el ajhiza eli betarakab feek ;p
    dont miss 9aifi village!! ;) bel salama ..

  10. Ruby Woo on said:

    I’ve never been to lebanon, can you believe that?

  11. Disagree :S
    Lebnaan 3omerha maraaa7 ta3jebney :P ella itha kaan ilgroup 3ajeeeb
    Have Fun!!!

  12. Mejroxy on said:

    P0ach in Bei ???!?!??!

  13. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !! 3aloooy sha3laich bel hotel al7een !! 5alitaay el salfa kelaha o rakaztaay 3alaa el hoteel !! :D

  14. sambousa on said:

    Shasweee I’d like to think that poach wakes up to a nice view :s fine then..”Hope u enjoy beruit poach”

  15. sambousa on said:

    Kaaaaaaaaaak la la shkil libnan ’9arba ma3ak…..ay 5alak heyik

  16. Delly on said:

    merci la elaaaak “fa6asitni” de7ik ;p

  17. sambousa on said:

    Hehehe 3ayal yallah inroo7 libanan;)

  18. SEEKER on said:

    akeeeeeeeeeed MEN ALLAH TOPLESS TANNED MEN ,,, i want i want aby aroo7 et5ayalaw 5adamatna ehnak ebro7ha for the last month madre esh’habebat wallah 7ala el5adama fe reboo3 lebnan wana fe lahooob elq8 .

  19. sambousa on said:

    Dalooool kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak 7ilwa hathii ..#1 best comment

  20. Noorah on said:

    Ya bent (or weld) il 7alal, jannah bila nas ma tindas!


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