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June, 2009
Tech 12:00 AM

What is A Browser ?

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I love how people were cute with these answers.

They didnt know what is the difference between a browser and a search engine.

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36 comments on “What is A Browser ?

  1. Shwaish on said:

    LOL i knew hehe yay me and i loved the old lady il ditzy-aaa

  2. noura on said:

    loved the fat guy ( the big E with the explorer ) hehehe :P

  3. Maryam on said:

    hehehe that was kinda of a slight shock, I guess for Internet freaks (like myself) would know :P
    but really cute !

  4. Noorah on said:

    Once you’ve got Chrome, you’ve found home!

    I love it to bits!!!

  5. LOOOOOOL ,, ahm shay ” My frnd came over and erased all my browsers and installed firefox instead n said ur using this now !” yah abii his frnd come over to my house n try that hahahaaaaay id kill him !!! :D

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ,, wintaa el9aaaj !!! o 7a6aa shay athrubaa fee yamii ;D la la im nice but DONT TOUCH MY THINGS RULEE GOING ON !! ;D

  7. la la hes not a bug !! a7e6la hathy madry shisim’ha e76ubaa wa6ag6egli cham me9mar feee ,, i garantee u may-wa6we6 3ind bab dari :D ahm shay were discussing hal invisible frnd !!!

  8. Queen Bee on said:

    Ma a3aref il farg;\!! what is it? ya3ni what I see ina they are right;s 7asait nafsi ghabya right now!!

  9. Ahmed on said:

    Google Chrome is the best browser ever.

  10. zunoq8 on said:

    Ahahahaha man they’re dumb!

  11. Big N on said:

    man you’ll be amazed, it’s not just regular people. Cx this out.

  12. Abdullah on said:

    Eeeee a7ibha lama galat ” help ! ” LOL

  13. Abdullah on said:

    Eeeeee it7eseeena was honest, bless his heart !

  14. Abdullah on said:

    7ayallah maryam, yeah its a bit shocking, lakin fun :)

    Anyway, there is a post about you on sunday :P

  15. Abdullah on said:

    Eee oo lama the girl spells it, habla ! LOL

  16. Noorah on said:

    No I mean I use Chrome…. It’s AMAZING!! And Maryoom I know you’re going to start defending Safari, but you know me a Google groupie at heart ;)

  17. Abdullah on said:

    Walla laaa 7aram 3alaich, lama yanzil shay chrome 7ag mac I’m gonna try it on, lakin now I’m super happy with safari

  18. Abdullah on said:

    Eeee I can imagine inich ga3da oo reel 3ala I’ll reeel oo looking at him ib 6araf 3ainich with this atittude ” ee ?? Ee ?? i7lif ?? ” LOL

  19. Maryam on said:

    Should I be nervous about that ? :P

  20. Abdullah on said:

    Naaa, I guess you’ll like it, I just guess ;P

  21. noura on said:

    eee walah 3la niyataa loool

  22. Abdullah on said:

    Thalamteneee :( LOOOL imagine me being dramatic and all HAH!

  23. Abdullah on said:


    Ok let me guess, I’ll shay ile ib tathrubina feeh is a shoe mo ? Cuz i3awer fa choose your weapon :P

  24. noura on said:

    too sleepy to imagine loool oo laish kel
    hatha 3la black fat joe ;p

  25. Abdullah on said:

    Lol I apologize :P

  26. noura on said:

    hehe no need ;p

  27. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL !! khalas khalas i am slowly backing off :P

  28. Abdullah on said:

    la la afa 3alaich ma7shooma yal Queen. let me explain:

    a browser could be: Safari, internet explorer, fire fox etc.

    A search engine could be: Google, yahoo, bing, etc.

    yes ? clear ? :)

  29. Abdullah on said:

    there isint one for mac users yet right ?

  30. Abdullah on said:

    Thanks !

  31. Ahmed on said:

    Any time ;)

  32. Maryam on said:

    nezal Chrome 7g Mac, bs developers’ edition, it’s not the best bs y3ny its not for the use of the public yet

  33. Abdullah on said:

    Thanks for the info Maryam ;)

  34. Abdullah on said:

    eheheh, 7aram ! :P

  35. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there ! thanks for dropping by & sharing ;)

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