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June, 2009
Tech 7:03 AM

Official Viva Blackberry Offer



I think the correction here is 200 MB instead of 200 MG, and 1 GB instead of GM.

My take ?

Zain & Wataniya’s offers are better.

This is taken from my friend ilSul6ana. Thank you !

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22 comments on “Official Viva Blackberry Offer

  1. Delly on said:

    3ad laish 200mb? chan kammaltaw jemeelkom :p

  2. Ansam on said:

    I thought they were gonna come with offers that will slash Zain and Wataniya into tiny tiny pieces! Funny how the word “unlimited” is used… I am sure that there is a limit but it can be hardly reached so they say limited! Like when they say internet speed up to 7.2 or so… like yeah that is true, when no one else is connected to the internet but you… and with you sitting literally below the communication network towers, then you can reach that! hahahaha

  3. finally world wide unlimited service …. jeeez!

  4. ana gilt besawoonha…allah i3afeefee viva wallah

  5. Hussain on said:

    well, once again i dunno why i love the word UNLIMITED!!! 44KD a defo worth it number;)

  6. VIVA on said:

    The is a mix up here viva offer is the best the 200 mb is WAP not blackberry browser …Viva beats all offers

  7. VIVA on said:

    Package 1 KD 15
    -Unlimited BlackBerry® Services(Eamil-BB-InternetBrowsing)
    -200 minutes VIVA – to – VIVA calls
    -200 MB WAP Browsing
    -Pay for usage only Roaming

    Package 2 KD 25
    -Unlimited BlackBerry® Services (Eamil-BB-InternetBrowsing)
    - 500 minutes VIVA – to – VIVA calls
    -1 GB WAP Browsing
    -20 MB free THEN Pay for usage Roaming

    Package 3 KD 44
    -Unlimited BlackBerry® Services(Eamil-BB-InternetBrowsing)
    -Unlimited VIVA – to – VIVA calls
    -Unlimited WAP Browsing
    -Unlimited Roaming

  8. ilSuL6ana on said:

    Viva ppl r not understanding the difference between BB browser and
    When u use wap 2 browse the net! Explain this further! That’s where the mix up is

  9. VIVA on said:

    IF you have blackberry you will see you have 2 different browser …internet browser and wap browser
    I dont know anyone using the WAP on his or her Blackberry but to force people to use it zain has its cover page on the wap and some services like stock market, cinema etc…

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  11. Abdullah on said:

    I have no idea whats going on in there ?

  12. Abdullah on said:

    hahahahahahahaha !!! somebody is being competitive :P

  13. Abdullah on said:

    I never told you this but i do enjoy your nastiness over there at your spot :P

  14. ansam518 on said:

    They fixed it to read G and M without the B’s hhehehe just in case 3ashan maylakhbi6oon eddeniya :-P,438651&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  15. Abdullah on said:

    Eee bas the amount is too much aint it ?

  16. Abdullah on said:


  17. ilsul6ana on said:

    La agoolek laish..3ashain mo m6ar tedfa3 this amount for a whole year..mako contract! so u can have it when u travel only ;)

  18. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there VIVA, can you provide us with the details of the services ? THANK YOU

  19. ilSuL6ana on said:

    Yaa Viva and can u pass bY Buzberry’s blog 2 and explain that! Fee nass month
    Ratheen yfhemoon ehnak!

  20. Abdullah on said:

    I double ilsul6ana

  21. Abdullah on said:

    Thanks !

  22. Hussain (Da Don) on said:

    well i did check today with VIVA about the browser confusion as im a VIVA BB subscriber (25KD package). anything that comes default in BB Bold is part of your unlimited BB subscription + if you use BB web’n'walk browser for your browsing needs is also included in your unlimited package;)
    moreover, your msn, gtalk, facebook, twitter, yahoo go, aol messenger, icq, BB chat etc is all part of the deal.
    if you stream through “VIVA browser” then you pay through your 1GB package i.e. part of your allowed slot.
    so, long story short…its awesome and it only work on 3G unlike Zains ‘switch’ 2G n 3G!
    topping all…my all VIVA freakin calls are FREE lollllllllll;P

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