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June, 2009
Food 12:58 AM

Exclusive: "Cookie Trifle" from The Cookie Bag


Blessed as ever. I have been given the opportounity to test drive the all new ” Cookie Trifle” from the cookie bag.

In my humble point of view, I think that the owner, Nouf, is a local superstar known for her highly sophisticated, yummy, ohh so soulful home made cookies. On a personal note, I find her very generous.

This, however, is different. I came close to it, before even opening up the tightly closed lid, I smelled the choco, the moment I did, it started calling me, asking me, tempting me to have a peak inside.

and that I did.


Look, I usually take a pic of the actual piece I take out. This piece of defined excellence  was more than just “ohhhh, thats tasty”. One spoon, only one, ofcourse cannot satisfy you.

I blended the spoon through it, had different layers of thick, thin & soft clusters. In that pool of blissful fantasies, I came across an oh so profound un-identified cluster for a mere man. A multilevel of chocolate, cream, cookie chips & brownies. My first spoon was just simply delightful.

Not heavy at all, yet yummy to the fullest. Indulge. Just dip in, smile and have another spoon.

My rating is a proud 9.5/10. SUPERB !

Nouf, I only expect excellence from you. As always, YOU DELIVERED.

What you need to know, however, THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU MERE MORTALS yet.

When will this be out?

2 weeks.

How much ?

7 Kd Only.

When should we order ?

24 hours before.


Tel: 9992 – 5566

The Cookie Bag

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45 comments on “Exclusive: "Cookie Trifle" from The Cookie Bag

  1. Miznah on said:

    and who said I’m a mere mortal? ;)

  2. suspic on said:

    You should negotiate a %50 discount for p0ach readers. Along with coupons. =O

  3. PeevishGuy on said:

    I WANT IT!!

  4. Nouf (the cookie bag) on said:

    Abdulla thank you soo much for this amazing review…again u do it with ur amazing writing and kind words. I’m so glad that u enjoyed our cookie tifle. I will be trying other variations with diffrent ingredients and of course you will always be one of the first to try :)
    God bless you.

  5. DaLaL on said:

    na7eeeeees!!!! :P
    OMG!! shno hatha!!! *feeling dizzy min Pic* :P
    i’m SO gonna order!!
    i LOVE trifles o NOW from the Cookie Bag!! la bilaa t3ab il GYM kila biroo7 3la hal trifle! o i’m blaming YOU *pointing her finger at you while she’s saying it* :P
    o bil 3afiya *tra g3da agoolha bnafs cz m7itara* ;*

  6. moseqe on said:

    NO NO NO .. I hate you :(
    Im on diet .. but I cant stop my self from dreaming of this delicious, tasty and yummy dessert!
    Im in love with it from the first sight ..
    It will be my only meal after 2 weeks to make a balance lol
    BTW, The design and the font are amazing on the bag ..

  7. bougies on said:

    mmmmmmm yummy

  8. alllah latheeeeth, bil3afya :p

  9. anytime

  10. Mar8adoosh on said:

    bil3afya it looks really nice !

    msawya rijeem w right now ba6lib ALF shay :p this, w the choclates ily u posted about a few days ago, w choowy goowy ahhhhh ma yseer chitheeee khalas MANY RADA LIQ8 !! ;P

  11. Dalal on said:

    I WANT.. YUMMYYYYYYYY , bas la7tha la7tha la7tha 3endy so2aal ?

    “”"”"”"”"”"yewa9loon mana6eq na2eyaaa??”"”"”"”"”"”

  12. noura on said:

    ok that looks really delicious :) but it does make us put on a whole lot of weight
    why does chocolate make us fatter :(

  13. Mashala 3abduallah 7adiiiiik Mo3aber i’d give u straigt 10/10 for adjectives ;p

  14. Deema on said:

    it’s June 12 now Abdullah, would that makes it two weeks?

  15. plastic on said:

    7kd ? for a trifle ? Now thats what i call cheap !

  16. It’s too expensive…7KD for a trifle? y3ni Godiva doesn’t sell that much

  17. CrazyCatQ8 on said:

    DAMN !!!

    Abdu 3endy 3irs .. o sharya elbadla .. plz allah ekhaleeeeek .. dont post food stuff .. lema akhali9 min el3ers :P 3ashan elbadla mat-theeg 3alaaaaaaay :(

  18. Pingback: p0ach | The Cookie Bag: Mini Trifles & Truffles

  19. Abdullah on said:

    my dear why do you think i worship you ?? your no mortal, your like there, beyond :P

  20. Abdullah on said:

    HAh! wallahee we will see what we can do ma3a il jima3a :P

  21. Abdullah on said:

    u have to wait :P

  22. Abdullah on said:

    Guys, Nouf is in the house !

    What do you mean ” thank you ? ” no THANK YOU for giving me a sneak peak before everybody else, an honor really.

    In my review, I meant everything i said. More power to you !

    THANKS !

  23. Abdullah on said:

    Hah ! il dileee wainich intay ? oo 7ad il na7asa :P mako mako mako ,, gym killa saweelah delete :P

    Im telling you, this thing tastes like HEAVEN, umm ummm umm :P

  24. DaLaL on said:

    HI nouf its me Dalal u Know me :( plz plz iseer special 4 me b4 2 weeks? :**
    bss dnt tell abdullah who iam :p ok keep my identity a secret :*

  25. Abdullah on said:

    NouF, no ignore her LOL

    Oh and poor thing, u think I don’t know who u are ? Hah!

  26. DaLaL on said:

    mani rada 3alik ya n7eees *with a squeaky voice* :p
    bss thanks 4 asking walla busy at work thats all ;)

  27. DaLaL on said:

    3yal oshshshshshsh :P

  28. Abdullah on said:

    loool i didnt say nothing :P

  29. Abdullah on said:

    I am the devil, I make thin people fat :P

  30. DaLaL on said:

    3yal wayhik :P

  31. Abdullah on said:

    u can say that again

  32. Abdullah on said:

    maaa saar hal wayeh ma saar ! mara 7athfitaa yemeen, mara yessar, 7ata zeentaah ra7at :P

  33. Abdullah on said:

    i3afeeich, Thanks !

  34. Abdullah on said:

    intay awal shay oslay il q8 o talee iseer khair :P

  35. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOL 7ilo il soa’al, let me ask oo i’ll get back to you !

  36. Abdullah on said:

    Sweetness has a price ya Noura :P

  37. Abdullah on said:

    HAH! a7rajtenee :P

  38. Abdullah on said:

    No, just 1 week and 6 days. HAH !

  39. Miznah on said:

    Flattered :P

  40. Abdullah on said:

    As always ;*

  41. noura on said:

    you’re right but what the heck i’ll order it soon inshalah ;) since i have this severe addiction to chocolate :P

  42. Abdullah on said:

    3awafee in advanced :P

  43. Abdullah on said:

    You should check how BIG the packaging is. Its really big

  44. Abdullah on said:

    I want to agree with you but i cant, because the packaging is BIG, like really big quantities. Not to mention the quality.

    Look, dont take my word for it, try it yourself :)

  45. Abdullah on said:


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