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June, 2009
People 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Salem Al-Fadalah


Its Saturday, you know what that means, INTERVIEWS.

You know how much I appreciate local talents, this one is a bit different and should be nominated to work with either National Geographic or BBC’s deep sea documentaries. Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine. He has sharp eyes for opportunities, asks why not rather than why, smart, down to earth & most importantly, witty, a friendly trouble maker & surprises guru.

He is the son of Mr.Saleh Yousef Al-Fadalah, one of the highly respected former members of the parliament, vice presidents of that period, 1982.
Salem, back in the university, he was elected as president of the students association. Now, he runs two jobs, one in a local bank, the other being a marketing manager at Bubbles diving centre which I covered before.

Ok so enough of me talking, lets get to it.

Talk about your self, a brief introduction.

My name is Salem Al-Fadalah , im 25 years , I graduated from Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). Right now I work in one of the local banks, corporate finance department. A side to that, I work as a marketing manager at “Bubbles Dive Center” which belongs to my friends and I can never thank them enough for this great opportunity which I can hopefully be of any help.

How’s your childhood like? flashes maybe ?

I think I had a well diversified childhood started from being a very polite kid to a very naughty young boy with my relatives where at the age of 10-16 we used to live in chalet during summer holidays without even going back home for weeks. Age 16-19 I turned to a computer geek and then I got into the university and thats when everything changed. and

I became very active with student activities & elections. Between 2005-2006 I was elected as the president of students association. Since I was a kid I had too many hobbies that I no longer practice except for the love of travel and everything related to the sea.

Fishing, Speargun diving, jet skiing, all water activities and recently Scuba diving. Squash however is my new love that i practice on daily basis, not water related though.

What inspired you to become a diver ?

I alway wanted to try scuba diving but I never had the opprtunity to get into diving class since I was too busy with life’s obligations until one day my colleague asked me to join him and my instant answer was ” HELL YEAH , WHY NOT “ and thats where my starting point was.

First, we finished our swimming pool practice. Then eventually, did the real thing, dive in Oum almaradem island. Thats when I realized that scuba diving was the thing im missing in my life. I started to learn more from the person I call my diving “”GOD FATHER”" Captain Abdulrahman Al-Sarheed who is one of Bubbles owners and he is the one who chose me to be the Marketing Manager.


I also started to read and research. Enrolled myself in an advanced diver course with my GOD FATHER. I aim to be a diving instructor. I, however, refuse to be trained by any other Captain than Abdulrahman.

So your more than just a diver I heard, a photographer maybe ?

Well what attracted me to diving is the idea of being surrounded by danger, challenges and overall craziness all gathered in one place.
I thought diving was dangerous and i was really attracted to it but then i realized thats its a very safe sport that has a handful of saftey stops that will almost eliminate any danger possibility. I realized that there are underwater creatures, magnificent as can be, worth being captured, photographically.
I bought my first underwater camera and started to take some shots, gradually, upgraded my hobby and bought my first underwater video cam. I’m still learning more and more everyday.


What differs your diving centre “Bubbles” from other competitors ?

Bubbles diving center is the newest diving school in Kuwait, Established by Kuwaiti dive lovers whom wish to expand this hobby among all Kuwaitis and also wish to add some luxurious touches to diving experience which might sound as a tough hobby to some people.

We have built a brand new boat that is designed specially for diving. We try to offer the best on board services where we have a staff that is specialized in helping peopl to minimze all the tough prepartions associated with it.

Our dive center offers private lessons where our trainers can train people at their places and do the diving practice at their swimming pools. We also provide female instructors for some people that ask for it. We also have a swimming trainer for those whom wish to learn swimming before diving.

Did it help you in anywa ?

It sure did, it introduced me to great people such as the owners of the dive center in addition to team work which I love the most in every organization, it also keeps introducing me to new people (new students) and I keep gaining experience from our great instructors every day.

Support ? family & friends ?

Hmmm thats a tough question. I never had any objections from my family except for the time I dove with sharks in kuwait scientific center.

This objection I faced came from my father who not only objected but warned me to stop it :P . I think he gave up by now, he knows how deeply in love I am, stopping it is not an option unfortunately. However, I still sneak behind him with my diving equipment bag whenever i decide to go on diving, HAH!


Throw something for p0ach readers.

A) Thanks to poach for such a wonderful creative idea. Also, thanks for giving us the chance to introduce ourselves to the community.
B) I advise every one to try everything, Never say no. You are going to live once.
C) Diving might sound dangeroud to some people but know this, the possibility of getting injured while dancing is greater than getting injured in Scuba Diving.
D) I hope that I have inspired at least one person to get into Scuba world which is wonderful ;)


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67 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Salem Al-Fadalah

  1. um-mit3ib on said:

    haaathaa elmokan ele etha raby gadarny baro7la:P hatha ohwa;p

  2. Manoura on said:

    Mashalla nice :) Wedy lo ma akhaf chan asawey methla :P

  3. Noorah on said:

    He-he-he so this is your shark friend? :P

    All power to him I say ;)

  4. um-mit3ib on said:


    and their very friendly:P

  5. Noorah on said:

    Oh dear! My deductive skills are deteriorating :P heheheh

  6. suspic on said:

    Can a guy get a female instructor? =O

    In all seriousness, I plan on taking scuba diving courses this summer so thanks for the tips.

  7. Abdullah on said:

    La la they’r good ;P

  8. Abdullah on said:

    Sure thing suspic ;)

    LOOOOL on the female instructor, I guess u can ask ;P

  9. Blush on said:

    very interesting;D!! 3ashaw shabab likuwaait..
    oo 3aash B.b ,keep up the good work ; )

  10. Miznah on said:

    Delightful interview.

    I was wondering wain shababna!

    never knew dancing was such a dangerous thing..
    Miznah >> quits dancing and heads to the open water with a back flip..

  11. Ruby Woo on said:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a scuba diving center. I found a few but I still wasn’t convinced. But I loved this interview, I can see how passionate the guy is, so it might be my choice for diving centers. Thanks!

  12. mashalla alla ewafga i guess if there is a will there is away !
    e7na kelaa net7al6am makoo shay bel kuwait !
    leana we are lazy !! to look around

  13. Ansam on said:

    Abdullah.. I love this interview idea on your blog, and so far all the people you interviewed are awesome.. Salem is an amazing and nice guy :-) Winni3im fih walla :-) Alla yewafga inshalla

  14. on said:

    Great post! It is always nice to see Kuwaiti people branching out and trying new things!

  15. salim, goodluck and loved the interview ;)

    i really always wanted to dive bas el asthma 3amla 3amla ;p

  16. Noorah on said:

    3ad we have a lot of female divers in Kuwait :P My friend keeps insisting that I take diving classes, she would even teach me for free!! :D

    Yep, my was6a can work it! ;)

  17. naser m on said:

    way 2 go salooom, looking goood in ur yellow trunks :P

  18. Abdulmohsen on said:

    Interviewing Salem is a great idea!

    He really deserves the recognition oo yistahil kil khair.

    My record diving depth is an amazing 2 feet… I can’t equalize the water pressure even if my life depended on it!

  19. Fai9al.Me on said:

    Yestahel alsalam kel 5er Oo allah ywafga :)

  20. Salem al-Fadalah on said:

    Thanks guys for your sincere wishes :* all

  21. Some Kuwaitiya on said:

    Very cool interview !!
    I love water, but I have a phobia mn el animals !

  22. Dalal on said:

    I do snorkle and I used to spear gun I know its not a grl thing bas shasawe grew up with my brother :p , but I never scuba dived coz no one to teach me , shakly gona get a private female instructor wansa but do they come to our shaleh to teach wela lazem e7na enro7lohom

  23. sa7loola on said:

    oooooo bo-9ali7 looking good 5oooosh interview

  24. Maze on said:

    i swam with sharks in 2004 in madagascar…it was my lifetime project!

  25. SEEKER on said:

    I called them up and checked if they provide female instructors unfortunatly they dont 5ALETNA NESHTA6 ABOOD 3AL FATHY :(
    HOWEVER they were so helpful and sweet the captin gave me a female diver and instructor number and told me to call her and check if she’ll teach me :P wanasaaaa ,,,, bas 5ayfa adeg o andeger he he he

  26. Bo9ale7 on said:

    Seeker, if you wish to pass by our shop. im there almost all the time, just give me a note before, so i can hook you up with the female instructor ;)

  27. Dolphins are too cute to be true lol ! Bs 7aafaaa i heard that they’re gona get instinct in a couple of yrs :( ! FML.

  28. Ohhhhhhhhh How SWEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! , His HOT btw :P

  29. Abdullah on said:

    ohhh excellent !

  30. Abdullah on said:

    gawayee galbich oo 6ibay :P

  31. Manoura on said:

    a6ob ee ;X
    bas men ghaiir dolphins ;P

  32. Abdullah on said:

    Bil 3axxx dolphins are cute !

    They protect humans min sharks oo harmful beings.

    I feel like a 3 year old LOL

  33. Abdullah on said:

    Oh no that’s not him. Lakin he is one of the crazies I know :P

  34. Manoura on said:

    lol ! 3aad looks good on u to feel like 3 ;P
    lol wanna make u have a good feeling bedal el bad elly mesa3 :P

  35. Abdullah on said:

    Awwww ur so sweet, thanks !!!

  36. Abdullah on said:

    Ee walla 3aad yesTaaahil I’ll salam ;)

  37. Manoura on said:

    hehe ee i know bas besej ma9adeg :P

  38. Abdullah on said:

    Hmmmm ;P

  39. Abdullah on said:

    Well, regarding shababna, u’ll see more of them to come ;)

  40. Abdullah on said:

    LooooL run, run to the sea :P

  41. Abdullah on said:

    Hey ruby !

    Glad you enjoyed it, yeah the place is fun, give it a try :)

  42. Abdullah on said:

    Thats the spirit F ;)

  43. Noorah on said:

    Believe me tara there’s A LOT of stuff to do in Kuwait, you just need to look for it ;)

  44. Abdullah on said:

    Yes indeed there is, well said

  45. hadeel on said:

    love the dolphins hate the
    very inspringing interview:)

  46. Abdullah on said:

    Ansam, that coming from you is a huuuuuge honor, THANK YOU ! you rock !

  47. Abdullah on said:

    It sure is, thanks for supporting them !

  48. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there Hadeel, Thanks for dropping ;)

  49. Abdullah on said:

    bas il shinho ?? oo 3amla shinho ?? LOL

  50. Abdullah on said:

    Noorah i3roogHa bil maye :P

  51. Abdullah on said:

    Hey There Nasser, Thanks for dropping by & supporting your friend. Well, him and his yellow trunks :P

  52. Abdullah on said:

    Hey mi7sin !! Thanks for supporting waladna ;P

    What is it with the water depth ? Ear problems ?

  53. Noorah on said:

    Hehehe yes yes, I get many sea-related offers :P I’m all up for it but NO SPEEDBOATS!! Terrible experience :S

  54. Abdullah on said:

    Hmmmm, no speedboats aih ? LOL

  55. Noorah on said:

    EE!! But when I got to the destination I was kissing the whitey sand beach and the place was definitely worth it ;)

  56. Abdullah on said:

    See ?? Now that’s the spirit. They say ” you’ll never get to heaven if ur scared of getting high” soo umm, yeah ;P

  57. Noorah on said:

    I think they were talking about LSD, but OK! hehehe :P

  58. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOOL I think they meant any experience.

  59. Noorah on said:

    Hehehe I know,I was only joking ;)

  60. Abdulmohsen on said:

    waladkom oho waladna :) yistahil Bo 9ale7!

    to answer your question I don’t know… maybe my technique is not right.

  61. Abdullah on said:

    Hahahaha kiilina wa7ed ;)

    Oh and I guess this is the right time to ummm *ahem* ask for *cough* dive *cough* classes. LOL

    Oh and thank god its not a health issue.

  62. Abdullah on said:

    Thank U faisal ;)

  63. Abdullah on said:

    Yestahil il ghalee, Yestaahil :P

  64. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there, Thanks you for your support, oh and i think they can take care of your Phobia :P

  65. Abdullah on said:

    Halla, halla bil dileee :P walla u can ask them yourself lakin I think ina they can come to u.

    Ana agool 7ayllah min janna :P

  66. SEEKER on said:

    THNX abdulla :P
    yala its an invitation for all the grlz who want to join me i open our shalih for scuba dive lessons and “Bubbles” provide the instructor . i think its a great plan for the summer . wansa … i’ll call and check if they do .

  67. SEEKER on said:

    THNX Bo9ale7 ..
    I’ll call the number Captain Essa gave me if she said no I’ll drop by To see my other options.

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