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May, 2009
environment 12:08 AM

Revolution: China's Solar Water

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Now tell me this, What if we brought these things here ? Tarsheed would be dead, let alone the need of any institute, organization to tell you what to do.

oh and its excellent for the environment.


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8 comments on “Revolution: China's Solar Water

  1. Demolii on said:

    ????? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ? ???? ?? ????? ? ??? ?? ???

    ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ????? ??????? ;)

  2. Nouf on said:

    Defiantly they will be dead :P

  3. Nasser on said:

    dude we need the technology, not the water heaters, i suffer having cold water cause its so hot, then again to use solar panels isnt very efficient, its cheaper to get electricity than to use solar panel that need cleaning every day from the dust we have, for them to be very efficient they need to be pretty clean. do you know how many panels u need for a building? how much work u need to put into it for it to work properly with weather in kuwait? it might work for small things just not but things :P

  4. Noorah on said:

    I don’t think we need those water heaters here in the summer…. bidoon shay ilbarcha turns into a hot tub in July :P

  5. Abdullah on said:

    Nasser, thanks for the info !

    Actually they use it in hotels over there, so i guess thats efficinet enough. Aside from it being cleaned and all, it can be covered with a layer of glass to avoid the dust.

    Aside from that, the women who throw the clothes up for a bit of sunshine can surely dust it off, no ? :P

    Yes, the technology is amazing, I mean can you even imagine how wonderful it would be to use it on cars ? save all that gas for our future or no no no scratch that, lets use that “extra” for some “decent” improvements with buildings, education, hospitals, NEW ROADS ! the list goes on & on, but hey im an optimistic guy, who knows ?

  6. Abdullah on said:

    laiiiih laiiih !?!?

  7. Abdullah on said:

    wallah lawo adree who to contact chaan 6arasht-ha lihom, ya3nee why not ?? akoo deera a7ar min deratna ??

  8. Noorah on said:

    mishkilatna ya 6weelt il3omr implementation. We have the brains, ideas, you name it, but all the research gets stuffed in a drawer and never to be looked at again. It’s really frustrating when researchers sweat and toil to produce something meaningful for their world for it then to be stashed away and never to be recognized!

    If you want to see something to happen, you need to plan properly on how the cake is going to be split, if you follow my drift…

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