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May, 2009
Kuwait 12:05 AM

Exclusive: Khairan's New Resort.


I had a representative from this company calling me, telling me all about this new resort. I thought why shouldent I ask him to send me some pix ? he actually did ! anyway, here goes:



If you want to know more about this property, CALL 66750391

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12 comments on “Exclusive: Khairan's New Resort.

  1. Miznah on said:

    ma3jebooni at all.. kilihom same same.. cheap design..
    wal7een byoot 3ala il ba7ar laish ildarayish nitfa!? la la.. ugly..

  2. Ansam on said:

    This is off topic… but since you are a white choco lover… check this out:

  3. bougies on said:

    7asafa ya3ni… Why don’t they let people with taste do this? Either do it right or don’t do it at all!

    BTW Poached- visit our blog

  4. Dalal on said:

    We bought one over there in khiaran but not from those , but the place mo 6abe3y the streets nice and the view nice too ..

  5. abicheeseburger on said:

    zain ya m3awad 5al y5al9 mn snat il6waa3een msawenaaa 7daa 9ar gdeem !!

  6. Demolii on said:

    Khairan Resort is still alive? :O

  7. kpulse on said:

    I’ve heard about it, I imagined a complete other place. I guess exaggeration is big when it comes to resorts.

  8. Abdullah on said:

    AGREED <– you can see how my caps are locked. A sign of a huge agreement.

  9. Abdullah on said:

    AWWW ansaaam !! your an angel thank you !

    I did review the White choco Lion, 3ajeeeb.

    I love the guys at somecontrast, 7adhoom 3ajebeen ;)

  10. Abdullah on said:

    Thank you for the tip, i’ll definitely check your place out ;)

  11. Abdullah on said:

    awafiq x 1000

  12. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there, thanks for dropping by ;)

    Yes i agree, over exaggeration is waay out there, aside from that, this country is based on SEA SIDE entertainment, they should invest more on that side, just my 2 cents.

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