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May, 2009
Art 12:04 AM

Stephen Wiltshire (The Human Camera)

Name: Stephen Wiltshire.

Country: United Kingdom.

Profession: Artist.

Born: 24th April 1974.

Stephen Wiltshire is an architectural artist who was mute and did not relate to other human beings. Aged three, he was diagnosed as autistic. He had no language and lived entirely in his own world. Wiltshire was born in London, England, to West Indian parents. He is known for his ability to draw a landscape after seeing it just once.

At the age of five, Stephen was sent to Queensmill School in London where it was noticed that the only pastime he enjoyed was drawing. It soon became apparent he communicated with the world through the language of drawing; first animals, then London buses, and finally buildings. These drawings show a masterful perspective, a whimsical line and reveal a natural innate artistry.

Aged eight, Stephen started drawing cityscapes after the effects of an earthquake (all imaginary) as a result of being shown photographs of earthquakes in a book at school. He also became obsessed with illustrations of classic american cars at this time (his knowledge of them is encyclopaedic) and he drew most of the major London landmarks.

He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them briefly. He was awarded an MBE for services to the art world in 2006. He studied Fine Art at City & Guilds Art College. His work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of important collections.

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Chosen as ABC’s Person of the week.

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8 comments on “Stephen Wiltshire (The Human Camera)

  1. Mimi on said:

    amazing !

  2. zunoq8 on said:

    Wow, so amazing mashala!

  3. Shwaish on said:


  4. Noorah on said:

    This is amazing mashallah!! I only hope that Kuwait can offer such programs to autistic individuals (or people with mental illnesses) that could harness their capabilities or help to develop them.

    Sadly the care for people with mental illnesses is way below par in our country. A great GCC example would be KSA. They have improved their psychiatric facilities so much, that I’m simply awed by their performance. I mean just go take a look at the psychiatric hospital in Shuwaikh! The standard is so poor, a3tibra 3AR 3ala baladna!!

    This is a grave issue that we as people should confront. We simply cannot ignore it because of the stigma that mental illnesses carry with it.

    Thank you Abdullah for this post and sorry for the long speech.

  5. MAZE on said:

    this man is not just amazing he is superhuman…i saw a trailer where he was drawing rome i guess…i was amazed

  6. Smart-y on said:

    wow.. mashallah.. 9j allah yakheth oo ya36i!

  7. Abdullah on said:

    hmmm no no thank you for this reply, I never knew what KSA had to offer for those with Autism at all. This is news to me.

    lets see what we can do to make it better here.

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