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April, 2009
Health 12:05 AM

Morning Suspects !


See This combination ? I call it the“Devil”*.

French Vanilla is so french/europe yum in the morning. Blended with coffee and TRANS FAT FREE sugar, Splenda, now fortified with Fiber (health freaks, holla back).



I feel blissful drinking this, but wait !! how can you have a devil without a big black cauldron ??

Ladies & Gents, I present to you my so called ” Devil’s Big Black Cauldren” coffee mug !


hmmm, actually in reality looks way bigger :P oh and if anybody knows where I can find these big bad cauldrons, big coffee mugs, inform me :)

*Devil will be discussed separately.

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32 comments on “Morning Suspects !

  1. Noorah on said:

    You can try Marks&Sparks, bought some really nice mugs from there a while back, and I’m a serious coffee drinker :P

  2. DaLaL on said:

    Don’t tempt me :P i quit coffee sarlee 2 weeks o switched to juices..about the mugs I saw nafs yours in ikea o b3ad fee HUGE if u want to check them out ;)

  3. yummmyy that trio is awesome! except i don’t like the french vanilla.. i use the classic original one.. try Truvia or Stevia instead of Splenda ;) they are natural rather than synthetic

    i have a bigger mug than that ;p haha

  4. Miznah on said:

    I think I saw some in IKEA..

  5. Manoura on said:

    ee Fee eb Sultan Center .. o lehom Cap 3ashan etsakerhom methel malout starbucks :)

  6. Ansam on said:

    yes3id saba7ak :-P
    So do you mix the nescafe with the french mix or what?
    I want coffeeeeeee

  7. ur work mate's wife on said:

    Ur cousin is accusing me of letting her drink too much coffee….

    it’s the best part of the day!

    There’s no such thing as “too much” coffee!

  8. M7ammad on said:

    Drinking too much coffee can cause hallucinations. Medical journal Personality and Individual Differences reported that people who consume seven to eight cups of coffee per day are three times more likely to see strange objects, hear voices or even see ghosts!! :P just a piece of info i read that reminded me about you! ;D

  9. splenda is the best cause it doesn’t have ispartium in it it works in a very different i use them all the time and i love starbucks mugs :)

  10. out of this world into my fantasies on said:

    even tho black is my favorite color but a black mug is so depressing in the mornin starbucks had some pretty cool colorful mugs with cool snowflakes

  11. I donno abt the drink
    being the annoying needy person I am, I cannot function without my turkish coffee w/o sugar, or freshly brewed black coffee (Casper & Gambini’s is the best)

    U can find the cups @ Costa Coffee

  12. Fiend on said:

    HEY! I thought i created that! Its awesome to know someone else loves french vanilla and nescafe! Speaking of which i also need to buy a good hearty mug :D

  13. Bloggerista on said:

    i like the combination

    looks decadent

    Abdulla, i can’t seem to keep up with your posts mashallah

    how about a post a day? 3ashan kil post yakheth 7agga

  14. Frankom on said:

    You wont believe that i do the same every morning !!

  15. suspic on said:

    My recipee to success is one mug of milk, one spoon of nescafe and 3 hints of sugar. =O

    Beats every cafe in town. Plus my mug is colorful which makes me as you say YaaYeee. :D

  16. journal entries on said:

    it looks goooood… i can almost smell it’s sweet aroma.. i’m getting me some of that french vanilla coffee mate!

  17. Patricia Torres on said:

    Coffee mate ‘French Vanilla’.. I havent seen that. I need to go to look in the shops again!!

    I loved this post.. the first pic is what I desperately need to start my morning!!

  18. Try my red eye utopia… 4 shot americano…
    Ill give the devil a try.
    about the mugs: i’ve seen them in IKEA..

  19. anooooon on said:

    You can find these giant mugs at a funky stuff store in Marina. I forgot the name but it is right next to Claire’s.

  20. Abdullah on said:

    THANK YOU FOR THE TIP ! Will definitely hit it !

  21. Abdullah on said:

    YES! Its basically, water, coffee mate and coffee (splenda sugar, optional) LOL

  22. Abdullah on said:


    “TOO MUCH COFFEE”, is not in my dictionary.

  23. Abdullah on said:


  24. Abdullah on said:


  25. Abdullah on said:

    Bloggerista, for you, i’ll change my policy, how about that ?

  26. Abdullah on said:

    You know what they say, ” Great Minds think alike ” :P

  27. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOOOOOL your insanely funny !! LOOOL

  28. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there Patricia,

    Thanks for dropping by. I know for a fact, you’ll fall in love with it.

  29. Abdullah on said:

    Thanks !

  30. Abdullah on said:


  31. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there Fiend,

    LOOOL ok, i’ll give you credit for creating that :P generous aint i ? :P

  32. Abdullah on said:

    thats not a starbucks mug. yet thanks for the input ;)

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