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April, 2009
Awareness 12:03 AM

Awareness: Invisible Children


Provoking street campaign which can be seen right now in Melbourne for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

For their ongoing campaign Stop Child Abuse Now they used child size mannequins to represent children suffering neglect.

The mannequins were placed in high traffic locations around the city and then a billposter was pasted over the top of the figure so only the feet and legs could be seen.

Words on the poster read, “Neglected Children are made to feel invisible.”

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15 comments on “Awareness: Invisible Children

  1. M7ammad on said:

    wow thats creative! im going to take this poster to my marketing prof>>its just what i needed since she encourages us to bring new advertisements which catch our attention…thanks :D

  2. DaLaL on said:

    AMAZING wallah 3bali real kid…kids allah y7afith-hom min kil makrooh

  3. this makes a huge impact and is extremely influential! way to go
    we need more of these

  4. Abdulla on said:

    WOW what a great and creative awareness campaign!!

  5. Miznah on said:


  6. dots... on said:

    perfect message.. perfect presentation.. loved the color … the font used positions it well ! loved it

  7. zunoq8 on said:

    ahahah! the idea is amazing! 3abaly yaahil 9ijy awal shay!

  8. Ansam on said:

    LOVE the idea! I wish we have some creative outdoors like those :-(

  9. Delly on said:

    wow! creative!

  10. out of this world into my fantasies on said:

    those ads are so cool !

  11. That’s so creative! Neglect is the most common form of child abuse.

  12. Saroona on said:

    Very strong powerful messgae i love it i hope yzedon mn hal naw3ya all over the media..

  13. Demolii on said:

    Disturbing ad but yet powerful..

  14. Abdullah on said:

    EXCELLENT ! go spread the word :)

  15. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there, thanks for dropping by ;)

    same here, i thought it was real !

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