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April, 2009
Tech 12:04 AM



YES, I finally got one, tried it all day yesterday and it was perfection!

Slipped it in my mac’s USB and it just works instantly, quick, fast and hassle free.

A quick price refresh: 24 KD a month, thats all.

you guys are already familiar with it, im new so YaaaaYeee for me ok ?? shuush it!

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31 comments on “VIVA ROCKS !

  1. Abdulla on said:

    eee its soo much better than Zain’s internet!!
    i LOVE my Viva internet!!!!!

  2. Noorah on said:

    It’s amazing how we have the NEED to stay connected. I think if my Blackberry dies, a part of me will die with it too!! Yes I know, I’m identifying myself with an object and I shouldn’t be doing that :P

    Check this out though:

    [ted id="511"]

  3. Shwaish on said:

    eeee yaaaay wanasaaa (thats all i can dredge up for u this morning im sorry man :**)

  4. out of this world into my fantasies on said:

    isn’t it too pricy? i mean Zain n wataniya’s usb coasts 14 monthly but viva costs 24…

  5. Abdulrahman on said:

    when viva eventually get customers there internet will be considerably slower

  6. is it fast?? cz I tried it last week o my e-go was really faster..

  7. Seattle Dude on said:

    sweet stuff dude, but remember they got the stupid bandwidth limit on it. so don’t try to torrent to d/l too much stuff cause they’ll ground ya for sure.

  8. Salman on said:

    I know that this is an old post,
    but I have a question.
    I got the Viva device thing about a week ago,
    Everything seems to be working well,
    except for the torrents.
    Are you having problems downloading torrents too?
    The speed is mostly at 60-80kbps throughout the whole download except for a couple of seconds where it goes to full speed.

  9. Abdullah on said:

    Hmmm, somebody’s been reading books lately, no ?

  10. Abdullah on said:

    and you dont share it with anyone you freak! but i know your freakin pin code!

  11. Abdullah on said:

    Saw the video, interesting, thanks!

  12. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOL ya3nee if your slow for the day, just focus on what you got, lakin i know you, your a crowd pleaser and super sweet fa i appreciate the gesture, lovich :P

  13. Abdullah on said:

    zain and wataniya offer that price for less speed. If it’s the 7.2 subscription, then zain and wataniya are priced higher ;)

  14. Abdullah on said:

    lets just hope for the best, for all. I love zain, they’v been very ZAIN with me :P

  15. Shwaish on said:

    hehehehe crowd pleaser is a crappy word to use tara inzain???

  16. Abdullah on said:

    oss wala kilma you know i meant it in a nice way oo 3an il dala3!

    oo ba3dain shay thanii, ashoofich sa7etay ashwa :P ma yendara isharba ?? ibyala wa7da willa thintain of coffee ? :P

  17. Shwaish on said:

    LOOOOL la 3ad i drank snapple :p and ee 9a79a7t 5alla9 it was just a morning thing now im awake!! hi how are u , shloonik :D

  18. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOL shiftay ishloon ?? 3ariflich ana :P

    oo halla oo mar7aba feech, im well, oo atmana inich min 7alee oo a7san ;)

  19. Shwaish on said:

    awwww ee im well and all that jaz :p

  20. Noorah on said:

    Oui, Oui monsieur!! Je suis aimant le livre!! ;P

  21. Noorah on said:

    TED talks are amazing!! You’d understand if you’re nerdy enough :P

  22. Abdullah on said:

    umm hmm :P

  23. Abdullah on said:

    d’accord ;)

  24. Abdullah on said:

    well im a tech freak, so discussions of that nature excite me ;)

  25. Abdullah on said:

    yes its fast

  26. DaLaL on said:

    really!! sara7a me no likey viva 3ndi e-go a7san o asra3….3la 3moom 3laik bil 3afiya ;)

  27. Abdullah on said:

    i3afeeich, thank you :)

  28. Abdulla on said:

    LOOL!! inta 3ade bs others laa :p

  29. Abdullah on said:

    Hey, just checked with’em, they told me that there are no LIMITS to bandwidth whatsoever. However this is Zain’s case :P

  30. Abdullah on said:

    no, it works just fine over there ;)

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