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April, 2009
style 12:01 AM

Class: Shopping tips ?

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20 comments on “Class: Shopping tips ?

  1. latoops on said:

    7abeeeeibtiii! hhahhah “abeii hel nefnoof il aswaad” ow “hel ma7aal mal BIIIG SIZZZE!” waaaai tha7aketnei!! bes ilrag9aa 9ij ‘class’ lol wayid a7ib hel ‘class’ videos they make my day thaank youu!!

  2. Miznah on said:

    “6ab3an il 7areem lai CHafaw.. lai CHafaw il 7areem…”

  3. um-mit3ib on said:

    ma 3awerat galbek kasrat lerguba;p?

  4. Abdulla on said:

    I LOVE HAYA SH3AIBY!!!!! ;*

  5. DaLaL on said:

    etha7ka naaaaaaar!!! when she said BIG SIZE her eyes went CRAZY hehehehe
    6agat elrgoba 3AJEEBA!! y3ni thiglay U R on T.V :P
    bs wallah esara7a 5afeefat dam in a crazy way LOL
    b3ad galbi misadga ro7-ha enha LOZA LOOOOOOOOOL :P
    one Q is she considered min “7areem” 3la goltah!!!!

  6. suspic on said:

    I’m wholeheartedly with you 3la salfat el “chafaw”.

    ffs, shhhh isn’t so hard to pronounce.

  7. Delly on said:

    faqeeeeeeeeeera 7aram esksarat khaaa6ri “BIG SIZE” bsmellaaah ilra7man ilra7eeem :/

  8. Is this Marks & Spenser ??
    I really wanna know cause I must have “elnafnouf elaswad”
    mskeena ksarat 5a6ry

  9. PeevishGuy on said:

    ath7ak shay lamma ergi9at welmothee3 yetkallam
    min galb loooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!

  10. Abdullah on said:

    looooooooooooooooooooooool glad it did. didnt you like the way she danced at the back ?

  11. Abdullah on said:


  12. Abdullah on said:

    kasrat il irgiba = kil shay !

  13. Abdullah on said:

    Cant believe it, yet i do too :P

  14. Abdullah on said:

    DALAL = NASTY , because DALAL = NASTY, p0ach = liked dalal

  15. Abdullah on said:


  16. Abdullah on said:


  17. Abdullah on said:


  18. latoops on said:

    hahahaha i loveed it!! ;p

  19. Abdulla on said:

    LOOL yaaay finally u agree with me in the “CLASS” section!! :P

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