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April, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Class: The Conversation

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The whole conversation is the epiphany of what class is.

My favorite parts:

A- 45 sec.

B- 1min, 15sec. (Classiest laugh ever that hit this entire universe, then, Aywa ya ,,, moottooo ,, aywaa moootooo )

C- 1min, 25sec.

D- 1min, 44sec.

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26 comments on “Class: The Conversation

  1. latoops on said:

    hehehe 3ajeeeiba! bes wala a7ib a7laam! chin-ha itwanis ya7laailha!!

  2. I love Ahlam, but Hala Sarhan ya3ni esma7li etha7ka b9oub w “MOOOTTTOOO Aywa ya a7laaam, moootooo, moto..” b9oub.

    Aham shay inna 6ridooha min Dream w Rotana, allahuma lashamata… :)

  3. that’s hilarious
    wesh agool wesh a5aly
    thnx 4 helping me understand the expression: (aw6a mn elshafrah 3al ar’9)

    esloobha mashallah 3aini 3laiha BARDA eyaniiin :P
    mooooot..a7ib zojeee..o 3ndi awaladeeeeeeeeee waaaai3

  5. M7ammad on said:

    qadema el interview! bas a7lam et7esha madry shloon cough “cheap” cough!

  6. Abdulla on said:

    A7LAM = MY LOVE ;**

  7. Shwaish on said:

    looooooooooooool crap i cnt stop giggling!! 3ade ma3alaih nirda7 chenna kowawla but not on tv wil e5t il thania ahhhhhhhh a7ibha :**

  8. um-mit3ib on said:

    w ti7ya
    wetrid tmoot ba3ad maritain
    wetred ti7ya.. mara7 tosal hal mostawa el raqy;p

  9. CrazyCatQ8 on said:

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha !! No COMMENT :P

  10. SlouchyPants on said:

    This is just hilarious, definitely made my day :P

    That look she gave in the end gave me goosebumps, powerful stuff.

  11. Abdullah on said:

    ishrayich bil nathra ?? moo naar ?

  12. Abdullah on said:

    inwafiq 3ala hal statement

  13. Abdullah on said:

    ishfeeik 3ala hallaa ?? she is the bomb ok ? back off ! LOOOOOL

  14. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!! I had to ask someone to explain it for me :P

  15. Abdullah on said:

    ooo zoojeeee 7ibneeeeeeeee ooooo ana fnanat il khaleej il ullah oo ba3dain ,,,,,,,, THE LOOK !

  16. Abdullah on said:

    i love her look :P

  17. Abdullah on said:

    7abebe ra7at 3alaik, khathaHaa Buu FUUUUUHEED :P

  18. Abdullah on said:


  19. Abdullah on said:

    SAJJAH !

  20. THE LOOK 5alatni anagiz min ethi7ik she reminds b one of my professors in the uni imagine enha she talks this way in the lecture LOOOOL bs she was good mo hathi mako hadaf LOL

  21. Abdullah on said:

    ishfeech ?? hathee nathrat il jamaal il abadee!

  22. CrazyCatQ8 on said:

    khalnee sakta 3afya heheheheheheh

  23. Abdullah on said:


  24. U no speak saudi ?? :p

  25. Abdullah on said:

    imballa, lakin hatha mithal :P

  26. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there, thanks for dropping by ;)

    Glad you liked it ;)

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