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April, 2009
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Class: Tyra & Bonifah

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Tyra is the store Manager.

Bunifah is INSANE !!

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17 comments on “Class: Tyra & Bonifah

  1. pretty-gene on said:

    This is just Hilarious!

  2. latoops on said:

    I LOOVEEE her!! the driving test episode is fantastic check it out if you haven’t already watched it:

  3. M7ammad on said:

    KaaaaaaaaaaK! that was funny “bonifa latifa alifa sharifa jackson!!!”

  4. Fahad on said:

    Next time we want Miss Swan. And by we I mean I.

  5. DaLaL on said:

    “ice-cream on her face that’s just plain NASTY” kaaaaaaaaaaak,,ay friendly chat allah yhadach LOOOL
    1:09 wallah sharagt bl coffee min ethi7ik la2 la2 shsawait feeni min zimaan ma tha7akt chithe LOOL

  6. pretty-gene on said:

    “You expect me to wear my Jungle boots and run all the way to AFRICA?” lol! I can’t stop laughing!

  7. Abdulla on said:

    Tyra 3ajeeba! ;p

  8. Abdullah on said:

    Bunifah Halifah Latifa johnson !

  9. Abdullah on said:

    Hey there Latoops,

    Thanks for dropping by, ohh and I did see that video, insane !

    “wachu talkin bout ?”

  10. Abdullah on said:


  11. Abdullah on said:


  12. Abdullah on said:

    a7ib lama kil wa7da feehom 7a6at eeedha ib wayeh il thanya o ga3deen isarkhoon 3ala ba3ath LOOOOL

  13. Abdullah on said:

    AHAHAHAH!! yes !! she is sooooo insane, plus she is the racist one, mo hatheech ! :P

  14. DaLaL on said:

    LOOOOOOL wallah WALLAH kan 3ndi o arakiz 3la KAN 3ndi friend chithe kent 6ool elyoom bs abchee min ethi7k bs yoom wisalt el uni hadait-ha cz kanat fashla kila msawiya seen :P

  15. Abdullah on said:

    N.A.S.T.Y ! * SNAP SNAP *

  16. latoops on said:

    Hi Abdullah!
    eeee hahahaha amaazing, and thanks I’m loving your blog btw!

  17. Abdullah on said:

    THANK YOU very much ;)

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