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April, 2009
Wisdom 12:00 AM

Brain Buzz: Open Mindedness

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This is interesting, very very very interesting, i spent each & every minute dazzled in it. WATCH IT!

Thank You Zaydoun.

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19 comments on “Brain Buzz: Open Mindedness

  1. Miznah on said:

    So so so so so so so so right!!!!
    we need a fierce campaign out of that..

    Common sense is not so common – Voltaire

  2. M7ammad on said:

    close minded people>>9j moshkelah!, seriously everyone should learn form that 9 min video!

  3. dead on!!! sooooo right and couldn’t explain it in a better way

    campaign in dire need

  4. DaLaL on said:

    YES YES YES YES!!!!! wallah while i was watching it kint head nodding all the time,,chan ZAIN 3ad yfhomon the closed mined people

  5. skinnybumblebee on said:


  6. DaLaL on said:

    anything for Mug Face :P,, LOL the word KAWAII i stuck to my tong sayra kilshy cute KAWAII ma n3a6a wayeh hehe :P

  7. KaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK
    aren’t they the same
    yalla kaaaf :( :P

  8. Demolii on said:

    ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ????

    “Who are you to judge?”

    ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ?? ??????, ??? ????
    “I have the right to voice my opinion”

    ??? ???? ??? ?????? ?? “??? ??? ???? ????” ??? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ?????? ??? open-mindness


  9. Abdullah on said:

    I was morphed into the screen when i saw it, i couldent just leave, had to spread it. Immediately.

  10. Abdullah on said:

    i call them LOCK or Gifel :P

  11. Abdullah on said:

    right back at you :)

  12. Abdullah on said:

    spread it, they might get it & always hope for the best, to you and others. keep it positive.

  13. DaLaL on said:

    Aslan bedoon 7achi no3i 5athiat link o dazaita for some of my co-workers bs ham mayseer 5a6reek ela 6ayeb I will spread it as much as I can ;)

  14. Abdullah on said:


  15. Abdullah on said:

    shofay, ihya tingal chethey ,, kawa oo ba3dain EEEE fa kawaeeeeeee ,, bas tinkitib kawaii :P

  16. DaLaL on said:

    Ahaaa, bsst bsst I will tell u a secret” tra ele 3ndi bil bait mo mgasreen feeni bswalif japan fa no offense bs I know how to say it wallah no offense ok” ;)

  17. Abdullah on said:

    kaaaf willa i6raaag ?? nagaay ?? ehehehe

  18. Abdullah on said:

    LAAAAA ya3nee ileee gilteehh lee china kaaf bil wayeh ;P

  19. ee rage3 rage3 LOOOOOOL :P

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