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March, 2009
Food 1:03 AM

The Cookie Bag "Can't Get Enough" Wickedly Sweet


Before I review anything I always look for personality. DO not ask me why i do it, its just in me. The Owner, N, is a total sweet heart. All her family members, that i know of, are too. She puts the G in generous. When she sent me a sample of her lovely creation, I thought I’ll see one typical box with cookies shattered in it. She actually sent me not one but THREE boxes with all kinds of different flavors in’ em.

The first suspect & my NEW favorite “Mini Brownie Cookies”


These taste so sweet, the powdery sugar puffs fit as much as needed, the moment you taste it, it will slowly melt, slowly makes you smile, makes you look at the box with that ” yeah i deserve it, i’ll have another” look. These Minis are perfection.

Close up

Close up

The second suspect, my second favorite “Chocolate Chip Cookies”


This is the real deal right here. This is what chewy and gooey is. I dont know how she does it. First of all it smells sooooo good, you want to eat the whole thing, you bite one and its instantly “MOUTH-COMPATIBLE” literally! I had it with a bit of cold milk on the side, heavenly!

Ohh and speaking of The Cookie Bag, the bag itself dear N, is AMAZING!! I like how it looks. Long, slick, clean and has a super european modern appeal to it. Thank you for your creativity.


Look out for more flavors:

- Choc chip
- Butterscotch w/coconut
- White choc/macademia
- Brownie cookies(mini’s)
- Oatmeal w/cinnamon
- Mocha
- Plain
- m&m’s


Tel: 9992 – 5566
Website Coming Soon HERE.

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38 comments on “The Cookie Bag "Can't Get Enough" Wickedly Sweet

  1. Abdulla on said:

    The post is amazing!!!!! Thaanx soo much for ur support!! :**

    the mini brownie cookies are just superb!!!

  2. DaLaL on said:

    la2 la2!!! 7aram 3laik shakli el.yoom badig 3laiha
    allah ysam7ik ba5arib my diet 3la hal cookies :P

  3. Nouf "the cookie bage " on said:

    Thank you soo much for the amazing review and the kind words. You are such a sweet heart. I hope you will be a regular customer inshallah. and I promise I will send you more flavors for u to taste and enjoy ;)

    And congragulations on this remarkable blog..all the best to you…

  4. BS 5ALAAA9!!! i couldn’t resist the pis’s i just ordered abaaaaih :D

  5. Mohammed on said:

    On behalf of the wickedly Sweet team, we thank you all :)

  6. ilsul6ana on said:

    Shakla latheeth…

  7. abdulaziz alateeqi on said:

    yam yam yam :P

  8. Bloggerista on said:

    looks yummy

    you’re such a good review writer tara ;P

  9. Petra :-) on said:

    supersweet :-)

  10. Petra :-) on said:

    …and I love the bag´s pattern :-)

  11. Frankom on said:

    ??? ??
    Choowy Goowy

    ????? ???? ?????? ????? .. ?? ??????

  12. tartar on said:

    Mashallah 3lak…3ani 3lk cold. Your writing is amazingly sophisticated!

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  14. Momentum on said:

    ??????? ???? ???? ?? Choowy Gooey?

    ????? ???? ????..

  15. journal entries on said:

    looks gooooood!
    i’m gonna give them a try ;)

  16. Hi..what kind of camera are you using ?

  17. DaLaL on said:

    Laaaa laaaa 3bdaulla elcookies DMAAAAAR SHAAAAMIL mo 9ij mo 9ij
    3la golat my niece ladeed ;p
    La wallah 3ndik thoooooouq 7adhum YUMMMMMMMI
    Yswa en5areb diet 3lashanhom :p

  18. DaLaL on said:

    Enta check my comment 3la salfat number o t3aref eni fi9alt lool

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  20. pis’s= pic’s
    plz 6awof elbadliyat enthiwalt min elpic’s lol

  21. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL eeee hatha ilee nabeeh :P

  22. Abdullah on said:

    Nouf, thank you for dropping by, oo believe me its only good because the content is so. oo THANK YOU in advance for the cookies :)

    My blog oo kil il contents ille feeh ta7at amrich ;)

    Thank you for your kind words ;)

  23. Abdullah on said:

    MOhammed, thank you for stopping by and your support ;)

  24. Abdullah on said:

    7ada !!

  25. Abdullah on said:

    khariib il rijeem o dig 3alaihom ;P

  26. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOL thank you jidan jidan ;P in7awil insawee review mithil il 3alam ;P

  27. Abdullah on said:

    LOOOOL 3alaik ib 1000 00 600 3afya ;P

  28. Abdullah on said:

    Shokran tartar ,, didnt know that, i felt it was amateur, bas thats how i roll ;P

  29. DaLaL on said:

    Hehehe hayen :p

  30. Abdullah on said:

    This is what you need to order. ;P

  31. Momentum on said:

    ???? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?????? ?????

  32. Abdullah on said:

    looool it7asesenee ina 3omrich 100

  33. Abdullah on said:

    umm-hmm ;P

  34. Abdullah on said:

    Hey Jana, thanks for dropping by ;)

    im using Canon 450D, Will review it sometime next week ;)

  35. Abdullah on said:

    3alaich ib 1000 & 600 3afya, hanii hanii hanii :P

  36. DaLaL on said:

    Thank u ;)
    Hanak allah bil eman o 6a3at elra7man “chini 9irt yaditi” LoooL fa9lat el5amees bidat ;p

  37. Abdullah on said:

    laa 3aad ana a7ib il yaddat ,, nafsil yemee3 soon ? :P

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