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March, 2009
Auto, Design 12:11 AM

Mini Monster, The Ultimate Summer Babe


This babe is just breath taking, I’v been wanting to discuss it here with the fellas but for some reason i kept postponing it.

My brother, Abdulatif, is like a genius/freak/extraordinaire when it comes to cars. Never have I seen him take a regular car and just stick with it, a modification, adjustment, face-lift, to him, is a must. Usually, he orders a car, modifies it, plays with it, cruises in it, get asked to sell it, he does, so everybody is happy.

This time though, he decided to keep it, at least for this summer season, seriously, im thinking of snatching it from him ” Hint ya bo shmais, HINT LOL”, I dont think i have a chance in hell, regardless, i find it quite amazing actually. I wont talk much about it. Let me just show you his genius work.

but first of all just know that this is original jeep:


Now for the real DEAL:





better look at the back/modified lights

better look at the back/modified lights



Big :P

Big :P

This is called a BRA ? Lord have mercy!

This is called a BRA ? Lord have mercy!

More Bra :P

More Bra :P

This is where the "Bra" starts

This is where the "Bra" starts

This is what makes the RIDE smooth, seeing the big bad wheels

This is what makes the RIDE smooth, seeing the big bad wheels

Nice Touch which leads us to ...

Nice Touch which leads us to ...

THIS BABY! SEA TOYS out with 0 hassle

THIS BABY! Say bye to getting your SEA TOYS out with a hassle, with these, the ease is beyond amazing

New Exhaust system

New Exhaust system

Upper car handlers

Upper car handlers

Sony Rocks :P

Sony Rocks :P

Think "topless" tan look ? Hmmm ...

Top moves down easily. Think "topless" tan look ? Hmmm ...

Back lights.

Back lights.

nice touch boshmais :P

nice touch boshmais :P

33 inch wheels

33 inch wheels



a better view

a better view

If anyone is gonna buy this, its gonna be me !

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61 comments on “Mini Monster, The Ultimate Summer Babe

  1. journal entries on said:

    ok i know nothing when it comes to cars other than how to drive it.. but that smiley face is soooo damn cute!!

  2. I love it :D
    and always thought what will I be doing this week as waiting for the “BIG THING” to be started .. kilish mayait 3ala bali, PIMP MY WRANGLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks Abdulatif, Abdulla and offcoarse boshmais ;p

  3. ??ñ?õøðñ on said:

    the smilies are cuuuuuuuuute ;**

  4. Miznah on said:


    Honestly.. I don’t see a difference! lol

  5. Shwaish on said:

    LOOOL why are u in orgasmic love with the lights…orgasmic love..interesting phrase thing, and the smilies look a tad evil, maybe lana its so early in the morning, but why r they so jazzed?

  6. DaLaL on said:

    9ba7 el.5air :)
    You Macho Macho man;P
    abdullah will turn heads with this vehicle:P ,sh’3l mat3oob 3laih i know that cause my bro always talks &talks o ana whaaat!!aha ok!! LOL mo fahma shy :D

  7. DaLaL on said:

    the smilies look wicked ;p

  8. DaLaL on said:

    the smilies looks wicked ;p

  9. L's brain on said:

    Cool blog, I must say. Never saw it before.

  10. Smarties on said:

    usually i dont like modified cars.. bs this one looks cute!! a7s’ha etwanis :D

    chennii ga3d ashoof pimp my ride bs 3la sana3! since the original TV show pimp my ride yefashil ;p

  11. lulwah on said:

    laish em’3bra ? 3ad chan meshaitha 7g il pics :P

  12. DaLaL on said:

    shokran shokran MUG FACE :P
    laaaa i’m on a diet o ashwa ma a7ib el.zalabyaa
    3laik bil 3afiya:P

  13. 3la golat e’7wanaa el Almaan “wundervoll”

  14. lulwah on said:

    thanks :) ra7 yenwer il blog

    • Abdullah on said:

      zaiiin ,, zaiiin ,, maraetay 3alainaa ,, ma baghaitaye ;P 7ayallah sa7bat libshara ;P

      3aad wallah kil ma agool basawirhaa ,, iseer ighbaar ,, lama 3aad tanarfazt thaak ilyoum o gilt basawer o ilee feeha feeha ;)

      • DaLaL on said:

        you BAD BAD boy :P

        • Abdullah on said:

          Yah Yah Yah .. DiiDii hona ? ;P saba7 il noor, wala i dont know about the macho man part, lakin i like to think of myself as just a bad version of “the boy next door” LOL i cant wait for summer !! i can NOT wait ,, will take the top down, tan up and throw the clothes out ,, oo stay bil mayooh all day LOOOL (chinii sayer i9libeee ? ) LOL

          • Abdullah on said:

            why ? i just do ,, its the stupid testesterone in me, it just thumbs, bumbs and pumps with energy when i see it. dont know why .. i really dont ;P

            yes they’r evil ,, i guess its another sign of “naughty” ?

  15. lulwah on said:

    thanks :) ra7 enwer il blog :)

  16. Akbar on said:

    Cool mod. is it a hobby or is he actually a mechanic/detailer? How good are Volvos? Expensive maintenance?

  17. Momentum on said:

    ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ???

    ??? ????

    • DaLaL on said:

      shakla kalamik feeh but,,
      LOOOL mani gayla shno syarti :P
      bs la y’3irik ana mo tawne sayga 9arii #years o mo ghaysa bil syarah :P

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  19. Abdullah on said:

    bil shoofa ,, i7na bil shoofa ya bo ghazi :P

  20. Abdullah on said:

    i3yonich il cute :P

  21. la wallah ella 7adik macho :P cause ana ma ashof ena 7ilo bs el.boyz ohma elle yshofona 7ilo

  22. Abdullah on said:

    red face alert :P

  23. Abdullah on said:

    naughty/wicked/nasty i agree :P

  24. Abdullah on said:

    Hey L, thanks for stopping by, checked yours too, thank you for speaking your mind OUT loud ;)

    your original indeed.

  25. Abdullah on said:

    ee madree laish ma ta3jibkom hal seyayeer, lazim ya3nee mas7ooka bil gaa3 o two seat willa ma it6iloon feeha ?

  26. laaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    walllah 9ij enik ma t3areefni :P
    a9lan ana 3ndi jaaib o ma a7ib 2 seats a9lan a7is eni na7eesa etha bs 2 seat cause chithe ma agdar a6la3 m3 ela 1 person lool ana yabee le station wagon LOOL

  27. hehehe “ma it6loon feeha”
    mo elle feeha ma yga9roon ohma elle kila 6aleen 3laina loool
    wallah lo rakib shno ma a6il 3laih LOL

  28. Abdullah on said:

    ohhhhh ??? ohhhh ??? ohhh ?? *second thoughts*

  29. Abdullah on said:

    HAH! Thanks smarties, i love pimp my ride, wayed 3afsa. yes a7ib il 3afsa :P

  30. mmmm what’s ur second thoughts???
    explain :p

  31. Abdullah on said:

    laa laa mako shay ,, bas ghetrety kanat sab3a ,, al7een bitseer chraimbaa ,, mara7 ashra7 laish :P

  32. shrayek feeni mo ’3ayart rayek ;p
    o bil nisba 3an examination ana jaaad jaad kila wayhee minafis o ma a36ee wayeh everybody who knows me says that awal may3arfooni heheh LOL

  33. Abdullah on said:

    Laa Laa ,, mintay haynaa ,, shaklich 3ala golat il loo’3a il 3abaiya “sa3bat al miraas ;P”

  34. hahahahahahahahahaahahahay :D
    la tgooli enik u like girlz with big wheels?
    shaklik ee LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  35. LOOOOOOOL la 9a3ba walla shay bs el.thigl zaaaaaain waaaaayed zaaaain :P

  36. Abdullah on said:

    wala madree shagool, ohwa zain ma nikhtilif ;P

    oo ee astaniss 3ala il bint il 3abalhaa inhaa 3arfa ishga3da itsawee ib sayara kbeera (3alaiha) o ihya 7adha cute oo ghaysa feeha .. astanisssssssss 3alaihom, walawo ina nader inshoof chethey ,, walakin ya3nee :P

  37. DaLaL on said:

    hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D :D
    ana my boss not here today fa 7adi faaaaaathiyaaa o sh’3lii 5ala9taa fa ga3dat lik ga3daa ;p
    la mo wagta tinfi9l 5aleek ro7 kamil sh’3lik
    9ij u know how to make laugh “NOT JOKING” :P
    u know my sleepy co-worker she’s looking at me with this face right this moment :$

  38. Abdullah on said:

    sawaya laha the hand move that translates ” talk to the hand” LOOOOOL ma a7ibhom il sleepy people maaa a7ibhom ! ;P

    jidan sa3eed inee agdar akhaleech tibtasmain, for sure, check my about me page, thats my aim, to make the readers “you mathalan” smile.

    ga3deen iwaz3oon zalabyaa ,, in6rish lich bil dawam ? :P

  39. DaLaL on said:

    laish ra7 el.comment up?

  40. Abdullah on said:

    khalas walla ihimich ,, gilna ingool 3ashan ma iseer il wath3 “shfee ma ya3zm” anyway, tara madree laish il comment foog ,, shofay ,, 7ata my blog ma yabeeich ilaa foog foog foog ;P

  41. lulwah on said:

    LOOOOL 3ala fikra i “drop by” everyday bs i have nothing to say :P bs inta you never “drop by” a9lan were not on your daily visits for blogs:(

  42. Abdullah on said:

    LuLu, please 7i6ay your site bil info malich lama you comment 3ashan i can click on it and go to your site, afa 3alaich bas intay um il ibsharat il 7ilwa ;)

  43. Abdullah on said:

    ib ahlla imnawer ;P

  44. Abdullah on said:

    loooooooool das ist guut !

  45. Hehe ma tyooz min swalifik :p
    thank u :)

  46. Abdullah on said:

    Yananteneee ya bint il naaas, yananatenee ;P

  47. You’re talking to me?? :p

  48. Abdullah on said:

    Laaa min gaaal ,, ?? laaa ;P

  49. Shift shlon ena e7na mo cute bil marah heheh
    Glad u liked the e-mail :p

  50. Abdullah on said:

    hey, glad you liked it. Well to my bro, its just a hobby, he gets all moody and designs the things he likes, he has an insane creativity.

    volvos ?

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