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March, 2009
History 12:01 AM


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I had this thought in my brain for a long time. Was afraid to share it with anyone. Its not like this is top secret but here it goes.

I was watching “Saif Al Arab” the play. Which is enjoyable from head to toe. Was at the scene where the officer (Ahmad Jawhar) was at their mansion, repeating sentences like ” My Commander Sadaam Hussain, May GOD protect him ” – Sayidii sadah hussain ALLAH i7ifthaa ,,” WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE – 1 min, 46 sec ) so the reply was, may ALLAH throw him in a hole, ” igi6a ib 7ofra ,, igi6a ib 7ofra ” which was funny right ?? and everybody was laughing. right ?

well ..


wish granted i guess ?

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10 comments on “Confession

  1. LooooooL :D
    Wallah abdullah u made my day with this post I LOVE THIS PLAY
    Thank u ;)

  2. Ee wallah wish granted
    Allahoma la shamata elle sawa feena shwaya :|

  3. The play is much funnier now after having that in mind!

  4. Momentum on said:

    ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ????
    ???? ????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ????

    ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????
    ????? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ???

    ?? ?? ???? ?????? ? ?????? ?? ?? ?????

  5. Wish Granted!

  6. Abdullah on said:

    la3yonich ya dalal ;P

  7. Abdullah on said:

    Its sad lakin … RABEE kitab oo ile yaktiba RABEE Mo6aa3

  8. Abdullah on said:

    Its crazy/freaky/scary aint it ?

  9. Abdullah on said:


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