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March, 2009
Food, Health, Money 12:05 AM

Fast Food on the rise


Was watching BBC yesterday, saw this footage where Mcdonalds, Burger King etc are on the rise. People are going there like hot ham on christmas, for the obvious reason of financial crisis (duh!)

The interesting thing is how the correspondent was talking about how this is affecting their health. So here is the cycle:

  1. No money
  2. Low budget food.
  3. Bad health

funny aint it ?

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14 comments on “Fast Food on the rise

  1. rawkinmom on said:

    Point well taken…..

  2. Miznah on said:


    The meaning of the word “healthy” in our perception in Kuwait (and the region), lets say for the past 100 years, has changed dramatically.
    Back in the days, Kuwaitis used to think of the word healthy = fat. The “healthier” you are the wealthier you are. 3ala golat’hom “bint 3iz” and “chatf o ridf”. No one wanted the skinny girl..
    Nowadays, being “healthy”, slim and fit, requires more money, time and effort. It’s a luxury for some.
    Thus, Self awareness and weight control became associated with wealthy educated people, and excess weight and neglect is associated with ignorance and destitution.

    asfeen 3ala il i6ala :D

  3. Momentum on said:

    ???? ???? ????? ???? ?????. ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ????? ????????

    ???? ????? ???? ????

  4. Bad health -> People get sick -> High Medical Bills -> Money gone !

  5. Some Kuwaitiya on said:

    Well people buy this food even if they’re rich :p
    But what can you say ? People are really ignorant on what’s good for their health and what’s not

  6. Junk food lowers the body’s energy, eat healthy and youll feel the difference .. people get addicted to it coz theyre generically modified thats why you see these chain restaurants mass producing .. think why would paris hilton advertise for carls jr (hardees), i dont think its for the money, do u?

  7. Abdullah on said:

    excellent sequence ;P

  8. Abdullah on said:

    laaa 7aram 3alaich ,, wallah mcdeee 7adaa 6ayeib ;P

  9. Abdullah on said:

    Ashkorich ! and no you do make sense. There are those who used to say ” youmaa abeeha imrabribaa ” ,, oo ham there were those who said .. ” youmaa yarait yakh6ibnee wa7ed KABAT” LOL

    true stories of the past ;P

  10. Abdullah on said:

    Thanks ;)

  11. Miznah on said:

    KABAT!! fahamna il mrabreba laish,, bas ilkabat laish? hmmm.. (thinking)
    LOL Oh well.. athwaaq

  12. Abdullah on said:

    point taken. BUT heading to these chains on a semi-daily basis routine, is what concerns the docs, experts and analysts.

  13. Abdullah on said:

    Your absolutely right, i mean regardless of food made in these restaurants, food at home might have a junky itch to it, just strip off salt and sugar for instance and all the difference in the world pops out.

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