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February, 2009
AD, Event, Kuwait, People 2:04 PM

Freaky Therapy

I am a visual person. Talking is not my thing so lemme get down to business.

Yesterday I went to see how freaks celebrate and draw a smile on my ever happy face, so me and a friend went to Gulf street (Yeah, sue me, i went there), and well, I do NOT recommend mentioning what I saw or how I saw what I saw. The dancing ?? The new hand movements? the bum shaking ? (bum is too seductive, what i saw was more of a fat on fat action) ohh ohh ohh and my favorite conversation i couldent but over hear:

Man (22- 21 years old) : stop , stop right there, (foams her car up, the nastiest way imaginable)

Girl: (mannish. i love queen latifah but she kinda looked like her with a vail too), slide the window down, and yelled in a very low class, chicken tone, You a man ? (you know that voice, so annoying, that it has an echo ? )

Man: (scared, “pee in your trousers” scared) Yeah ?? what do you want !?!?

Girl: If your a man stand right where you are (opens the door, steps down, looking at me with a ” ohh happy ?? just wait for your turn” HA! , takes a stick and goes to him.

Man: Runs away ,, away ,, i mean AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (felt sorry for him, specially with all the other guys looking ;P)

Girl: (rushed back to the car in the most hideous/martial-arts/military like action) screaming ” YAYYYYTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKKKKKK !!!! ”  ”im comin to get you”.

Did my lil investigation, turns out this piece of art is one of the new FEMALE COPS.

I do not know how to react. go girls ? yeah.

yet, all I could think of were those two ADS below, I just wanted something aggressive to be left out there in the wild. You, dear readers, know that monkeys are afraid of anything that moves right ? i’ll leave that to your imagination.



Keep imagining, or better yet, enhance my imagination with your suggestions ;P

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February, 2009
AD, Event, Food 12:10 AM

SUSHI KW + 25th Feb = Heavenly.



Another show stopper at the P2BK event.

Let me just start by saying that the owner of Sushi KW is a total doll. She is an amazing lady, very polite, down to earth, generous, motivated, full of energy and most of all witty. In fact, her whole family I met were just the same. It’s a shame I could not stay for long, people were pushing and shoving, had it in me to punch someone. HAH! Regardless of all that mess, she was kind enough to let me snap some pix.

Dont ask me why, I just feel comfortable when the owners are nice, its just in me.

I understood that it is a home based delivery service, supervised by the owner herself. I had a taste of what was displayed, “WAWO” was all I could think of. I bet the chef gets a big bonus, cuz that recipe is to die for!

A patriotic/stylish/creative master mind is what she is. For her to create this piece of Art is just YUM YUM, doubt shouldent be the question, check other blogs and news papers, they are in love with it ! 

Have a look below:








Have some of this home – made delight delivered, melt in your mouth, at ease:

Tel: 66510140

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Extreme Sports
February, 2009
accessories, AD, Event, Kuwait 11:59 AM

N & A

50 Fils

I am basically making different pieces for some of the booths i liked at P2BK. This is definitely one of them.


Thats Noor & Athba for those who dont know who they are. I met them for the first time at the P2BK event, they are super sweet, amazingly smart and very generous. Personality ? check ! 

The collection they previewed was a hit. Thing is, i could not stop for a minute and actually SPEAK to them, the place was crowded, yet they kept smiling and gracefully answered everybody’s questions, including giving me a space to snap some pix.

I dont know much about pricing and how things of that nature are perceived but i kept hearing the ladies passing by saying things like ” its affordable” or  ” i love the price, gimme two of that “. ok, Enough of me talking, have a look below:




i love the one in white.

i love the one in white.

Kuwait Sweet Kuwait


A favorite of mine. LUV it !

A favorite of mine. LUV it !





A nice quote from their business card:

N&A specializes in modern elegant outwear & aacesories for ladies, candles and house accessories too.”



Contact them here:

Tel: 6622-8819


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February, 2009

Find the Gorilla

Wait wait wait ,,, before you do that, and just incase you NEED to see real, live, talking gorillas ? Go now or anytime you want starting yesterday till the weekend ends to the gulf street.

Watch how gorillas behave. Take note. Please try to observe the dance patterns/music/body-movements. ohhh i was moved. BIG TIME! 


Wheooow, ok . . . . . .                                 LETS PLAY A GAME ! 


Time yourself and try to find the gorilla ;P



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February, 2009
Food 12:07 AM




Here is the mail as i received it:


” Lgaima sweets is a family home-based business that is specialized in baking “Basbosa“. 

in a very unique way in a better more tasteful and cheerful taste and presentation .

we do home delivery at this # 99909710 “






I like this too .. YuM YuM .. !

I like this too .. YuM YuM .. !


Please look for the guys at the P2BK event today !

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February, 2009
AD, Event, Kuwait 11:43 AM

Zain, a nice touch.

Received this MMS from ZAIN, super-duper-uber cute, includes a pic, and a ringtone by Abdullah Al-Ruwaished.

Occasion: Kuwait’s National Day.

Kids Zain

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February, 2009

Cartoon Network (Kuwait's indoor theme park)


Dear p0ach readers, 

Received an e-mail from a fellow reader, recommending this spot for kids. It seems interesting and fun.

Here it is as i received it:

Grab your family and friends to enjoy the fully branded Cartoon Network indoor theme park in Kuwait City. The Cartoon Network park includes games, rides, costumed characters, shops, onsite food and beverages the whole family can enjoy.



There are also “Birthday Packages” :

First Package (290 KD):
-minimum no. of 25 kids
-invitation cards 25 pcs.
-game cards worth 7 kd/kid (45 min of playing)
-one cartoon character
-gift for birthday girl/boy
-kids meal
-birthday cake
-games inside the birthday room
-DJ, music
-10 KD per additional kid.

Second Package (390 KD):
-minimum no. of 25 kids
-invitation cards of 25 pcs
-2.30 hrs party time
-game cards worth of 10kd/kid (90 min of playing)
-two cartoon characters
-gift for birthday girl/boy
-balloons decoration
-kids meal
-birthday cake
-games inside th birthday room (45 min)
-DJ, music
-Face painting
-15 KD per additional kid.



Contact Info



22478136 ext 106 Mobile: 67792756












n504349508_1071002_2112AWWWWWWWWWW AINT HE CUTE ???



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