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August, 2014
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2 Love


2 love (1400x1400)

World renowned producer Omar Basaad debuted his latest super-hit single ’2 Love’ on top music stations today with over 5 million views already through its streaming broadcast. The vocals with Alicia Madison add a magical over tune on progressive house beats to create an incredible summer anthem. Check out the official video for Omar Basaad feat. Alicia on “2 Love” going viral on music channels worldwide. The video pairs the club anthem with a visual  documentation of love taking you back to where it all started.

From a busy lifestyle to big rooms sets, life’s a blur for everyone one the road. But there’s still nothing like finding love again.
Omar Basaad is the first official EDM Producer from Saudi Arabia and is hailed as the pioneer of the future in the Middle East. His electric performances have cast him to be an international festival favorite with records on constant play by world’s top DJs. 
The artist is soon launching his art initiatives and fashion concepts across the Middle East and USA. 
Watch the video here 

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May, 2014
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Summer Camp: Tiny Tribes

Don’t miss out on this wonderful summer activity!IMG_20140519_114529

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Extreme Sports
April, 2014
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I know I haven’t been writing to you guys nearly as enough, my apologies!

It’s been so crazy the past couple of weeks, I forgot what it feels like to have a moment with this page and release.

It’s finally Thursday- I couldn’t leave the office without sending you all wonderful wishes.

So I’ll keep it simple, press play, and listen to this track on your way home.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend :))

YouTube Preview Image
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April, 2014
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Gentlemen’s Spa & Salon, Spaloon

My favorite spa and salon moved to a new location in Kuwait city.

Fell love with their interior design, they serve you like a king (like they always do), what i really really love is their valet service, it save a lot of time.

The facials are something else too. Who said men couldn’t have good looking visages when that’s the first thing most other people notice first? Products, scrubbing, massage, oils, Spaloon is certainly well equipped in that department. You should try it out and see for yourself!

For more information about Spaloon or to book an appointment call: 22217010 – 22217017

Address: Kuwait City – Block 15 – Fahed AlSalem Street – Kuwait Building – Second floor

Follow them:

Instagram: @SpaloonKuwait

Twitter: @Spaloon



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April, 2014
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Nagsha: The Well Designed Life

We were flipping through Bazaar magazine the other day and we ran into an amazing article of cool things Kuwaitis are doing outside of Kuwait.

We found Danah Abdal, a Kuwaiti/Palestinian student completing her MFA in New York City. She graduated from the American International School of Kuwait, followed by Michigan State University, and now- The School of Visual Arts in New York.

As of now, Danah has established her project “Nagsha” where she hopes to bring hand crafted designs from the Arab World to the West.

For more information on Danah Abdal and Nagsha, check out her website at You can reach her by email at nagsha@info.coor follow her on Instagram: @dabdal517 or @nagsha_.


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April, 2014
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We’re sure we are not the only people here that love sleep. It might be a Kuwaiti thing… either way, we found this amazing campaign that design products for SLEEPERS!
They are a range of trendy, multi-functional sleep accessories designed to tackle global sleep deficiencies. It’s clever. Their designs are portable, comfortable, and totally adjustable- like this Ostrich Pillow that allows anyone to create a little private space within a public one and rests on the go. It’s available with three different kinds and colors!
1- Ostrich Pillow
2- Ostrich Pillow / Junior
3- Ostrich Pillow Light
Details :
•             Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer / Filling: Micro polyestirene beads
•             Spot Wash
•             Hand Crafted in Spain
وسادة النعامـة و الطوق
التي تمنحك الفرصة كي تنام اينما كنت فهي مصممه خصيصا لتكون رفيقك في السفر او العمل او عند ركوبك اي من وسائل المواصلات
عمليه سهلة الاستخدام والتنظيف متوفر للكبار والصغار مع مختلف الالوان
صناعة يدوية من اسبانيا
Fotor0407130538Click this link to Order Now..

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April, 2014
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Time Control: Dupstep

YouTube Preview Image


Work distraction… :)

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